Emilia Attias recalled the night she scared actor Chris Hemsworth

Emila Attias, separated from Turco Naim, recalled a hilarious anecdote that he lived with the Hollywood star, Chris Hemsworth. The actress crossed the streets of Los Angeles with the Australian actor and told how the experience was.

“I was a bit scared when I approached him,” be sincere. “I didn’t record it”explained the artist seconds later.

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Emilia Attias remembered the night that scared actor Chris Hemsworth /Photo: lasrosas.com.ar/wikimedia.org

Emilia Attias remembered the night that scared actor Chris Hemsworth /Photo: lasrosas.com.ar/wikimedia.org

He looked at me half freaked out, maybe he thought we were going to do something to him, but I explained that we were lost, that we didn’t know how to get out, because that neighborhood is a labyrinth. There she relaxed“, Emilia continued with her story.

Apparently, the actress grabbed Chris Hemsworth coming out of the supermarket and didn’t even recognize him. “He got into the car that was full of grocery bags. I remember that it was kind of striking,” recalled Attias.

“It was very dark. When I came out I turned my face and my producer was in shock. I asked him what was wrong and he told me who he was.” he added.

Before finishing, the model confessed that she was not very aware of what was happening at the time. “I didn’t register anything, or if it was fachero”, he clarified. Far from being a cholula, Emilia concluded with amusement: “Likewise, I would never have asked for a photo. Capáz, if she had a little banana among the things in the supermarket”.

Emilia Attias recalled her time at Casi Ángeles and was moved by the message that Nico Vázquez sent her: “He is a brother to me”

Emila Attias recalled her time as Almost angels and was moved by the message that Nico Vázquez sent him in Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand.

“Hello beautiful Emi, they ask me to tell an anecdote that I have lived with you. We experienced so many things, more than an anecdote I want to thank everything we have experienced thanks to Casi Ángeles, we met there and then life made us get to know each other much better”Nico started.

Then, the actor recalled: “I remember the first time we went to the Rex and we had to climb the dome, which is about 30 meters, where the show ended and Cris said clipping it, send it, and they started us going up and no one told us it was going to be until the end” “Well, it was amazing and we started to see what everything looked like small”Vázquez added, laughing.

“I am always very excited to greet you, you know that I love you and your family very much, I wish that you can always fulfill your dreams and that we meet again in a job, because in life we ​​always meet. I love you”Nico sentenced.

Before closing, the actor expressed: “You can also remember when we skated on the Rex, with the smoke, which was dry ice, with which we really skated.” “Huge kiss, I love you”, culminated. “How divine, I love you!!! I love you my love, he is like a brother to me”Attias was sincere.

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