Dwayne Johnson’s business in Mexico that is giving him a lot of joy

Three years ago the actor Dwayne Johnson, known as ‘La Roca’, decided to invest in Mexico to found a distillery, with which he produces his white and rested tequila under the ‘Teremana’ brand. The success was almost immediate and the demand has been so high that the actor decided to invest again in Mexico, to grow the business that has given him so much joy and has just opened a second distillery in the state of Jalisco.

“We are beginning the construction of our second massive distillery to meet the extraordinary demand for our Teremana tequila,” the protagonist of ‘Jumanji’ announced on his Instagram account. The brand has been a resounding success and has become the fastest growing tequila in history. In 2021 alone, Teremana has sold more than 600,000 nine-litre cases.

Dwayne Johnson’s brand is made up of a small batch of tequila crafted from blue agave matured in the highlands of Jalisco and its name is derived from ‘Tere’ meaning earth and ‘Mana’. “It is the powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us”, that is how the actor described the name of his tequila at the time.

“Made in a small Mexican town, between the peaks of the Altos de Jalisco, each step of our tequila manufacturing process is carried out meticulously to produce a delicious product,” says the brand’s website, where it also defends the principle of sustainability since the remaining agave is transformed into compost that they use as organic fertilizer for their fields, which in turn aims to make the process self-sustaining and, with it, reduce the ecological footprint.

“I built Teremana to become a Legacy Brand that has a positive impact on generations of our families and proudly serves generations of our consumers (…) I am smiling because many called me crazy for having great ambitions and goals in the liquor industry. Today, Teremana has officially changed the game”, says ‘La Roca’. The success of the brand has pleasantly surprised the market. Especially since it is a tequila founded by a Hollywood star. Compared to another actor who also makes tequila, George Clooney, Dwayne Johnson’s liquor is much more profitable. “George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila sold around 170,000 cases when it was acquired by Diageo for a billion dollars. Teremana sold 600,000 cases in just one year, really putting this growth in extraordinary perspective,” wrote ‘La Roca’ on their networks. social.

Dwayne Johnson’s fortune amounts to 320 million dollars, according to Forbes. But his bank account hasn’t grown just because of movies and tequila, the actor has built a very successful business empire. Last year he created the ‘ZOA’ energy drink that has positioned itself in the United States as an alternative for consumers, leading the market. And recently he got his firm, Project Rock, to sign a multi-year deal with the UFC to bring his shoes to mixed martial arts matches. It seems that ‘La Roca’ brings shine and money to everything he touches.

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