Dogs and nutrition: how to make your four-legged friends feel like real stars

Love, as we know, sometimes leads to real follies. Even when the recipients are their own four-legged friends. Witness the habits, often over the top, of many famous people, who would do anything for their puppies. Also leave them a millionaire legacy.

It is the case of Oprah Winfrey that, according to research by amusi, put beloved dogs Sadie, Sunny, Layla, Luke and Lauren in her will, with a $ 30 million bequest to ensure all necessary care should she die before them. But that’s not the only oddity. Paris Hiltonafter the death of her beloved Chihuahua, she surrounded herself with other dogs, creating for them a two-story villa with all comforts, including air conditioning, while Ariana Grande he does not move without his Toulouse. He takes it with him on private planes, to concerts, or backstage. Another story is that of Miley Cyrus who has spent over $ 300,000 to buy a car that he uses to travel alone with his dogs so that they are free to jump, shed hair and scratch the seats.

Unusual habits, bordering on excess, but if there is one aspect they have in common vip and notand the same attention in choosing the healthiest, most controlled and suitable diet for their puppies. A true mission for amusi, which to ensure the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and nutraceutical substances line of croquettes made in Italytraced along the entire supply chain.

Each formula is mono-protein and highly digestible. Inside there is at least 50% of meat or fish to ensure the right protein intake and an irresistible taste. But that is not all: to make the puppy feel like a true VIP, amusi avails itself of the support of a pool of veterinarians and nutritionists who follow the pet parent in the selection process. Those who choose amusi are offered a personalized food plan that takes into account the age, size, state of health and lifestyle of the animal. To feel like a real celebrity.

A veterinarian examines a chihuahua puppy with a stethoscope. Selective focus on the dog. High quality photoShutterstock

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