do you know their story? Beyond belief

Converse All Star: Do you know their story? Unbelievable: all about this famous model of sneakers.

The our clothing it fully expresses part of our personality and, in addition to being sometimes fond of the clothes we wear (because they have accompanied us at various moments of our life), the clothes themselves have a history.

converse all star story
The secular history (photo: Pixabay).

Did you know, for example, the story behind it to a famous model of sneakers like the Converse All Star? Here it is, truly incredible, exciting and ten years old.

Converse All Star: Do you know their story? Here it is, unbelievable

The Converse brand has a centuries-old history, so much so that it was founded even in 1908; at the time, the name (from that of its founder) was Converse Ruberr Show Companyat home in a small town in Massachusetts.

The company was initially born as a manufacturer of rubber shoes for adults and children, but the turning point came when it decided to create footwear for basketball playersa very famous sport in the USA as early as the early twentieth century.

There first Converse All Stars was born in 1917, more than a hundred years ago; in over a century, however, its distinctive characteristics have remained the same, making the model recognizable by the low sole made of thick rubber and the ankle boot design.

Success came when Chuck Taylor, professional basketball player, he completely fell in love with the comfort of these shoes, so much so that he began to order them to measure from the company. For this reason, also given the advertising made by the player, in 1932 the company even decided to create special patches for the shoes with the player’s name.

converse all star story
The charm of this model (photo: Pixabay).

From then on, the history of the Converse All Star is surrounded by many successes and achievements, so much so that in ’68 to become the official Olimpiad shoethe. Among the many famous names who have fallen in love with this model not only Taylor, but also famous musicians like the AC / DC, the Ramones and Nirvanaincredibly successful band.

In more recent times it is Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus they had a particular relationship with this model; L’intervention by Nike at the beginning of the 2000s it allowed the company not to fail and, in this way, the legendary history of these shoes can go on.

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