Danny Ocean on creating hits, his new album and censorship

Sex, lack of love, romance and parties are some of the themes that Danny Ocean capture in his songs. We talk with him most popular venezuelan of the moment about his new album, how ‘dirty’ art, censorship and the impossibility of remaining silent are worth it.

In the 1990s, the Panamanian artist The general dared with the phrase: “You look like a bottle of coca-cola” in his provocative post dancehall hit “You’re hot.” Three decades later, Danny Ocean sings: “You are like Dorito and Coca-Cola, you are divine, you are delicious”, in his featuring with the Dominican star Tokischa and, in a way, it takes us back to that seminal episode prior to the reggaeton fever. “I was in the studio, it was a joke, nothing came out and then I drop the melody of the song and everyone says it would be a success,” he recalls from his apartment in CDMX.

@dannyocean new album

In their songs, sex is essential: “It’s the feeling of a good time and sex is flourishing, without taboos. It is a good time for sexuality, ”she assures.Paul Valero

As a child, his mother’s diplomatic work took him to places like Japan and Namibia; He now lives in Miami, but he regularly visits Aztec soil, where his name is, without a doubt, more than recognized as the key to the movement Latin American urbanstatus that has just been endorsed with letters forged in diamond —and pure bling-bling— within his recent release titled @dannyocean, perhaps the most blatantly centennial name with which any Latin American artist has baptized an album. “Is a album written from the heart, based on experiences that I do not plan to forget. That thing about labels doesn’t work anymore, today it’s possible to do whatever one wants”, assures the artist and declared fan of things as disparate as Daft Punk or Alejandro Sanz. “You know? I suffer from inattention syndrome, but when you live in a parallel world as an artist, I think that’s normal”, he confesses.

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