Croatia at Eurovision copied Taylor Swift? The video comparison and the response of the singer

Croatia at Eurovision copied Taylor Swift? The video comparison and the response of the singer (Wednesday 11 May 2022)
There Croatia toEurovision Song Contest enchanted the juries but unfortunately in the end, Mia Dimši ?, did not convince the viewers who rejected her Guilty Pleasure. The Croatian representative was in fact eliminated together with her colleagues from Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Latvia and Slovenia. Online, however, a controversy has exploded that unites Guilty Pleasure to a song by Taylor SwiftWillow, single from the 2020 Evermore album. The sounds of the two singles actually resemble each other and a little Guilty Pleasure really recalls the single from Taylor Swift. here is the video which compares the two pieces: BUT CROATIA IS LITERALLY A GROUPIE OF Taylor Swift AND OLIVIA RODRIGO – ??? s ??? · (@bolymasala) May 10, …Read on biccy


twitterEurovisionRai : ???? Thread to confess your #GuiltyPleasure, begins @miadimsic ?? Is the full performance on RaiPlay? … – gaiaxflicker : RT @loulouseituuu: MALGIOGLIO SAID CROATIA REMEMBER HIM TAYLOR SWIFT PLEASE #Eurovision – BITCHYFit : Croatia at Eurovision copied Taylor Swift? The video comparison and the response of the singer – TV2000it : RT @ TV2000it: #Eurovision in #Torino, first semifinal with 17 countries: #Albania #Latvia #Lithuania #Switzerland #Slovenia #Ukraine #Bulgaria # O… – alessandros2405 : Listened to all the songs on Spotify .. AND CROATIA TOTALLY ROBBATA, BEAUTIFUL SONG MADE OUT TO FAR SP… –

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