Corporativo Kosmos preserves the mental well-being of employees

Mexico.- Kosmos Corporate has managed to establish itself as a responsible company with the well-being of its clients, with the preservation and care of the environment, but above all, with the mental and physical health of its collaborators, whom it considers the most important link in the chain of its operations. .

Since its creation more than 55 years ago, Kosmos Corporate has taken actions to safeguard and guarantee the health of its workers, which is why, after the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has focused even more on maintaining the well-being of its work teams.

Even before COVID-19, mental health was recognized as a social issue with business implications. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), worker anxiety and depression are linked to increased absenteeism ratesstaff turnover, distraction and poor performance at work.

Likewise, data from the World Bank predicts that the global economy loses about a trillion dollars a year in productivity due to depression and anxiety, and estimates that mental, neurological and substance use disorders contribute to annual economic production losses of between 2.5 billion and 8.5 billion dollars worldwide.

Mental recovery, priority of Corporativo Kosmos

In this sense, the owner and general director of Corporate Kosmos, Jack Landsmanashighlights the importance of promoting initiatives for the recovery of the mental health of workers even after the crisis.

“Mental health is essential for the proper functioning of individuals and must occupy a prominent place among the actions that organizations implement to guarantee the well-being of their collaborators”, indicates the manager.

Under this approach is that in the companies that integrate Kosmos Corporate Protocols have been implemented that promote mental health, in order to protect the physical, emotional and mental well-being of its employees through specific actions such as:

  • Training and internal communication campaigns on the effects that the pandemic has on psychological well-being.
  • Promotion of a corporate culture focused on well-being: non-violence, non-discrimination or any other nature that puts physical and mental integrity at risk.
  • Promotion of empathy and solidarity to create an internal support network and assist employees who have had greater emotional difficulties at this time.


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