Coastal Grandmother, the definitive summer hit according to TikTok

Coastal Grandmother, what does this unexpected new fashion hit consist of?

Who would have thought that the look of a 2003 movie, Anything could happen, could become the most current summer trend according to TikTok? The typical look of a woman who lives by the sea, preferably on the coast with a house in the Hamptons just like the character played by Keaton, is among the most popular of the moment. Even among the stars, from Anne Hathaway to Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez. Because Coastal Grandmother, the fashion trend that is now rampant on the social platform – has already exceeded 25 million views – even among the very young Zetas, means “grandmother with a house on the coast” and has its own specific dress code. The idea came to the American tiktoker Lexi Nicoleta who, on his profile, explained to his followers the term he coined and which is not limited only to the way of dressing but also extends to recipes and home design. But Nicoleta herself says that you don’t necessarily have to be of a certain age or have a very chic beach house. You can embrace the trend of Coastal Grandmother just by possessing a relaxed state of mind.

A scene from the film Anything could happen

The stars did not miss an opportunity to show off their reinterpretation of the Coastal Grandmother look

“If you love Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten, cozy interiors and more, there’s a good chance you’re a coastal grandmother.” Diane Keaton explained in a video. Not only did the Zetas take the new muse of the moment literally. Anne Hathaway, on her Instagram profile, she posted a photo declaring herself “ready for the chic #coastalgrandmother since before TikTok was born”. And also Selena Gomez, who on her post shared the thought “I thought this was cute” with fans, never misses an opportunity to show her version of the look, much more sensual than her colleague Hathaway but not off-topic. The latest sighted is Jennifer Lopez who has reinterpreted her theme to her taste, accessorising it with glasses and a flashy belt.

Instagram photo @annehathaway

Instagram photo @selenagomez

Jennifer Lopez


What you need to have in the closet to replicate the look Coastal Grandmother

Definitely an oversized cashmere sweater in ecru or camel color. Then beige trousers, soft pullovers in neutral tones, white linen shirts, fisherman or raffia hats. If you want to make it contemporary, as the stars have done, replace – under the inevitable beige cardigan – a more sinuous body and play with accessories, such as golden jewels, diva sunglasses, capri sandals, belts at the waist, wide dresses and mini bags. That’s it.

A scene from the film Anything could happen

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Here are some must-haves for your Coastal Grandmother wardrobe

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