Chris Evans’ mustache for ‘The Invisible Agent’ goes viral

Do you remember the commotion that there was with henry cavill and his mustache during the filming of The Justice League? Well, Chris Evans has just officially joined the mustache club due to his preparation for ‘the unseen agent‘, the next Netflix action film that will have the Russo brothers as directors and will have the presence of Ryan Gosling in the protagonist section. But to what we come here, and it is to highlight how the networks have burned with the publication of the before and after of the mustache of Evansan actor who is going a bit unnoticed after his successful stint at Marvel Studios as Captain America.

You just have to take a look at the responses to the tweet published by Evans to see the expectation that it has raised among its followers, and that is that It’s been a long time since the actor did not show off with selfies on social networks.

Netflix action movie

the unseen agent (‘The Gray Man’) serves as an adaptation of the Mark Greaney novel, in which a CIA agent and a ruthless hitman engage in a unique fight. In this case, the killer will be played by Ryan Gosling (who will also be present in the film of Barbie from margot robbie) and the CIA agent to be Chris Evans, playing Lloyd Hansen. Ana de Armas will also be part of the filmafter passing through no time to die has become the new sought-after star of the action genre.

We’ll see how Evans feels about this return to blockbusterssince the only place where we have seen him shine has been in Daggers in the Back, and Netflix still has the development of the next projects related to this product pending.

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