Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil LIVE today (1-2) | 05/09/2022

19:47 16 minutes ago


The first part is over, Pumas momentarily defeats Chivas at Akron.

19:43 20 minutes ago


Goal, goal, goal for Chivas Femenil! After a bad rejection by Villeda, González ends up heading the ball and discounts for the locals.

19:41 22 minutes ago


Portress! Excellent bilge by Villeda, the goalkeeper prevented Montoya, after a cut, from sending the ball to the bottom of the net

19:34 28 minutes ago

3. 4′

Goal, goal, goal from Pumas! Aerial Chavarin appears inside the area, sends a cannon shot to Felix’s bow and increases the advantage.

19:31 32 minutes ago


Jaramillo’s shot, but the ball brushes past the post.

19:25 37 minutes ago


Stick! Alicia Cervantes sends a lethal shot, but the ball ends up crashing into the post.

19:24 38 minutes ago


Montoya shot at Villeda’s goal, but the goalkeeper kept the ball.

19:18 an hour ago


Powerful shot by Campa, but the ball goes slightly off target.

19:17 an hour ago


Chivas dominates the match, however, he cannot reach the Villeda goal.

19:07 an hour ago


Goal, goal, goal from Pumas! Left-footed shot by Liliana Rodríguez at the angle of Félix’s goal, the goalkeeper was unable to reach the ball.

19:02 an hour ago


Actions start in Guadalajara.

19:00 an hour ago

XI Cougars

M. Villeda; D. Delgado, D. Cagigas, R. Zavaleta, B. Quintos, M. Díaz; D. Garcia, A. Chavarin; D. Garza, L. Rodriguez, M. Campa.

19:00 an hour ago

XI Chivas

18:52 an hour ago

That beauty!

18:47 an hour ago

To the court!

Both squads are already on the field of play, warming up prior to the start of this duel that will define the series.

18:42 an hour ago

They arrived!

Both Chivas and Pumas Femenil have already made their arrival at the Akron stadium, both teams will leave everything looking to qualify for the semifinal of this Clausura 2022.

18:37 an hour ago

What numbers!

Chivas accumulates 26 goals in his favor and only seven against, numbers that he will seek to take advantage of to generate damage in the Pumas goal and increase his goals.

18:32 2 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Alicia Cervantes is the scorer for the rojiblancas, the striker will seek to generate damage in the goal guarded by Melany Villeda and help her team reach the semifinal.

18:27 2 hours ago

duel history

Pumas and Chivas Femenil have faced each other six times, with the balance tilted in favor of those from Guadalajara, adding three victories against one of Pumas and two draws.

18:22 2 hours ago

It’s present

The fans of both Chiva and Puma are already in the Akron Stadium and its surroundings, tonight they will seek to support their team to seek the semifinals.

18:17 2 hours ago

Watch out for this player

Chivas has to pay special attention to Aerial Chavarin, the university striker was the one who scored the two goals that gave the university team an advantage and life in this closing of the quarterfinals.

18:12 2 hours ago

We came back!

We are back to bring you the minute by minute of the match between Chivas and Pumas Femenil. Soon we will share the most relevant information on both squads, as well as the confirmed lineups.

18:07 2 hours ago

Do not take off from here to follow the Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil live

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups for Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil live, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Akron Stadium. Do not miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

18:02 2 hours ago

Where and how to watch Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil online and live

17:57 2 hours ago

Cougar Statements

karina baez She also spoke, highlighting the character her players had in this match: “You have to highlight character. The group is committed, it is getting stronger. The whole team is in a mood of solidarity and trust. We want to take a step forward and we are going to work to achieve the result”.

17:52 2 hours ago

Chivas Women’s Statements

17:47 2 hours ago

Latest lineup Pumas Women

Melany Villeda; Dirce Delgado, Rebeca Zavaleta, Deneva Cagigas, Bibiana Quintos, Marylin Díaz; Daniela Garcia, Aerial Chavarin; Dinorah Garza, Liliana Rodriguez, Marlyn Campa.

17:42 2 hours ago

Chivas Women’s Last Lineup

White Felix; Diana Rodríguez, Damaris Godínez, Michelle González, Angélica Torres, Casandra Montero, Carolina Jaramillo, Rubí Soto, Susan Bejarano; Joseline Montoya, Alicia Cervantes.

17:37 2 hours ago

How does the Women’s Pumas arrive?

17:32 3 hours ago

How does Chivas Femenil arrive?

17:27 3 hours ago

All or nothing!

This match will define who will qualify for the semifinals of Clausura 2022 of the Liga MX Femenil, in the first leg at the Olympic University, the match ended tied at two goals.

17:22 3 hours ago

The match will be played at Akron Stadium.

The Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil match will be played at the Akron Stadium located in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The property has capacity for 46,232 people.

17:17 3 hours ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Chivas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil match, corresponding to the Quarterfinals of the Clausura 2022 Return of the Liga MX Femenil. The meeting will take place at the Akron Stadium, at 7:00 p.m.

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