Britney Spears announces that her book will be out in late 2022

Britney Spears confirmed on her Instagram account that her book “that will tell everything” will arrive later this year.

The pop star signed a deal with publishers worth $15 million in February 2022, after his conservatorship ended.

In a post shared on Instagram, Spears spoke candidly with her followers about “secrets,” how other people have told her story, and her decision to write about her experiences herself. At one point, she revealed that her memoir will be published “later this year.”

“I want to talk about secrets!” she wrote. “I will say that the secrets I have had to keep for the last 15 years are honestly crippling.” She continued, “I had so many complaints that I wanted to share and bring them up just to be told to shut up…”

“So I started getting mad ALL THIS TIME! Then all the offers of money to tell my side of the story… and all the documentaries were rubbish! I’m sure it was the ignition to get me going, but honestly, I just wanted to spit in the face of anyone who came near me.”

“But I said…just make a book…as easy as possible and considering my fear of people, sitting down and sharing my story might not be the safest thing for anyone! My book comes out later this year…Once it’s published I’m not sure what’s going to happen folks!

Last month, the pop icon shared her thoughts so far on the writing process in a since-deleted Instagram post. “I’m writing a book right now and since it’s actually healing and therapeutic… it’s also hard to remember past events in my life… I’ve never been able to express myself openly,” he wrote.


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