Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘pullita’ to Will Smith: “He beat me up”

On May 6, the new movie from the Marvel Universe arrived in theaters, ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, a film that has been very well received and is sweeping billboards around the world. A project run by sam raimi and which is starring benedict cumberbatch.

Precisely, the British actor is promoting this film, and has recently visited the ‘Saturday night Live’ to present his monologue. A space in which he addressed some issues such as that some people did not know him outside of his role in ‘Doctor Strange’, which has led him to remind them that He was about to win the Oscar for Best Actor this year for ‘The power of the dog’although it was finally Will Smith the one who took it.

A joke about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Will took center stage at the Oscar Awards gala for being the winner of the statuette thanks to his role in ‘The Williams Method’ and for his chris rock slapand it has been now when Cumberbatch has taken the opportunity to launch a ‘pullita’ to his colleague in full monologue.

I did not win. I was beaten up by Will Smith… Not physically! not physically”, The Briton began jokingly and referring, of course, to Smith’s reaction to Rock’s comment. A comment that has unleashed the laughter of the attendees present on the set.

A joke that comes just at a very delicate moment for Will Smith, who is mentally treating himself for what happened on the stage of the Dolby Theater, and who could also get divorced from Jada Pinkett Smith. In fact, according to ‘Heat Magazine’, “the tensions in them have been remarkable. There have been problems for years, but now they hardly talk about each other.”

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