Audax comes back in agony and beats O’higgins at home

When the match was almost over, Audax Italiano sped up and with goals from Silva, Chamorro and Muñoz, beat O’Higgins at the Ciudad de Campeones sports complex.

The last match of date 7 of Caja Los Andes Women’s Championship 2022 faced Audax Italiano and O’Higgins de Rancagua. While the tanas had the intention of adding to get closer to the classification zone, the sky-blue ones looked for the 3 points to continue among the eight best in the championship. Thus, when the clock struck 4:00 p.m., Katherine Fuentes kicked off the match played at the Ciudad de Campeones sports complex in Puente Alto.

The match started evenly, with minutes of study by both teams and few arrivals of concrete danger for the goalkeepers. Although it was Audax Italiano who slightly dominated the actions, O’Higgins opened the account in 31 minutes through Sofía Valderrama, which surprised the audience and the Italian bias. Even so, the tanas were quickly shaken and just 1 minute later, Camila Silva leveled the score.

With a strong game in the middle of the field, both forces remained equal until the break and, in the second half, Audax Italiano came out to dominate the Rancagüino team, but the lack of settlement and the timely interventions of the sky-blue defense prevented the fall of the goal protected by Ingrid Castro.

When the meeting reached its twilight, the itálicas accelerated and, in the 93rd minute, Dominique Chamorro made the difference for the locals. Just one minute later, Isidora Muñoz was in charge of decreeing the final 3-1 with which date 7 of the tournament closed.

With this result, Audax Italiano climbed to eighth position, with 7 points, while O’Higgins was relieved to ninth position, with 8 units. For the next date, those led by Macarena Deichler will travel to the Tarapacá region to face Deportes Iquique, while the Rancagüinas will be local at the Monasterio Celeste against Everton de Viña del Mar.



Complex: City of Champions, High Bridge.
referee: Katherine Fuentes

Audax Italian (3): Jacqueline Montes, Catalina Fuentes, Catalina Lobos, Valeria Lucca, Monserrat Fernández, Ayleen Sepúlveda, Isidora Muñoz, Javiera González, Ángela Madariaga, Camila Silva, Dominique Chamorro. DT: Macarena Deichler.

O’Higgins (1): Ingrid Castro, Aracely Castillo, Dabne Vergara, Valeria González, Tonka Mora, Sandy Álvarez, Sofía Valderrama, Alejandra Manso, Almay Cerpa, Florencia Schonffeldt, Thiare Parraguez. DT: Manuel Alarcon.

goals: 32′ Camila Silva; 93′ Dominique Chamorro; 94′ Isidora Muñoz (AUD) 31′ Sofía Valderrama (IHO).

Photo: José Plaza / Communications Audax Italian Female

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