Antonio “Hulk” Salazar, former Chivas player, died at the age of 33; they found him burned in Tonalá

Antony died "Hulk" Salazar, former Chivas player (Photo: Twitter/@kirschner1)
Antonio “Hulk” Salazar, former Chivas player, died (Photo: Twitter/@kirschner1)

The afternoon of Tuesday, May 10 Chivas announced the death of his former player and youth squad Antonio Salazar Castillobetter known as the hulk. Through an official statement, the club lamented the death of the striker who was trained in the basic forces of the Sacred Flock.

It was on social networks that the rojiblanca board shared the news with the club’s fans and sent condolences to the family of the former footballer. They briefly recalled the passing of Antonio Salazar in the Guadalajara team.

We deeply regret the significant loss of Anthony’HulkSalazarwho emerged from our quarry and debuted with the Flock in 2007. We send our condolences to family and friends”, wrote Chivas.

Anthony Hulk he lost his life at the age of 33 for reasons that are still unknown his body was found in Tonalá, Jalisco. The first reports suggest that the player was inside a car in the surroundings of the municipality of Tonalá and that had traces of calcination that prevented the identification of the person.

Chivas lamented the death of his youth squad (Photo: Twitter/@Chivas)
Chivas lamented the death of his youth squad (Photo: Twitter/@Chivas)

The discovery was due to the report of residents of the Colinas Universidad subdivision in Tonalá, who notified the authorities of a Chevrolet brand white vehicle that it had been abandoned near the area and was apparently completely burned.

Among the first reports of the death of the Hulk Salazar is that the notice to municipal authorities occurred on Sunday, May 8, but it was not until Tuesday, May 10, when they noticed the presence of a burnt person inside the vehicle. Notably both the car and the athlete’s body were completely burned.

Until the moment in which the corresponding authorities raised the body, it was unknown that it was the footballer who also played in the Expansion League; later it transpired that the identity of the person corresponded to that of the Hulk Salazar.

Antonio Salazar debuted with Chivas in 2007 (Photo: Twitter/@LeoDeantes)
Antonio Salazar debuted with Chivas in 2007 (Photo: Twitter/@LeoDeantes)

One of the details that stood out from the death of the former soccer player is that the vehicle had no report of theftso it could not be specified whether the event was due to an accident or a direct action against the integrity of the 33-year-old footballer.

It will begin with an investigation folder to find out the details that caused the death of the former Cimarrones de Sonora player, because until now the Jalisco State Attorney General’s Office has not issued any statement in this regard.

Originally from Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, he began his sports career in the subsidiary schools at club guadalajara.

He was in the basic forces of Chivas until he had his opportunity to debut in the First Division of Mexico, during the national classic of the Clausura 2007 before America, Tone Salazar had his first three minutes with the Chivas shirt but without major actions.

The causes of the death of the 33-year-old soccer player will be investigated (Photo: Twitter/@tinte_chus)
The causes of the death of the 33-year-old soccer player will be investigated (Photo: Twitter/@tinte_chus)

However, he was consolidated until the 2008 tournament as he had more minutes on the pitch and scored his first goal in a match against Puebla. Herd. Throughout his first stage with Chivas he coincided with players like Omar Bravo, Marco Fabian Y Eric the cube Towers.

Little by little, his talent on the field did not shine and was overshadowed by other players, so in 2010 he left the team to try his luck in the Jaguars From chiapashe only competed there for a year and then returned to Sacred Flock in a second stage, to finish in 2012.

Since then tried to consolidate in Chiapas, but when he did not achieve it, he played in clubs of the extinct second division of Mexico; he wore the shirts of Altamira FC, Zacatepec club and the Cimarrones de Sinaloa -his last team in which he played-. He even played in the Santos Club of Costa Rica.


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