Amber Heard didn’t use script from The Talented Mr. Ripley on trial

Publications shared more than 30 thousand times on social networks since May 5, 2022, they assure that actress Amber Heard copied lines from the film The talented Mr. Ripley , testifying in the defamation case filed against her by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. But the statement is fake: Heard did not repeat the dialogues of the 1999 film or the book of the same name, as evidenced by a comparison with the original works.

“They discover that part of Amber Heard’s testimony is copied verbatim from the film The Talented Mr Ripley from 1999,’” read posts on Facebook.

The entries present a comparison of texts: on the left the words that the actress would have said on the stand and, on the right, a fragment of the film The talented Mr. Ripleymade into a film by Anthony Minghella and based on the novel of the same name by the American writer Patricia Highsmith.

The publications that the alleged “plagiarism” of lines have been shared during the defamation trial that Johnny Depp initiated against Heard in April 2022, for implying that she had been mistreated by him in an opinion column she wrote for The WasHington Post.

In The talented Mr. Ripley, the character of Marge Sherwood, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, he tells Tom Ripley, played by Matt Damon.

“The thing with Dickie…it’s like the sun shines on you, and it’s glorious. And then it forgets about you and it’s very, very cold.” After a break from Damon’s character, he continues, “When you have his attention, you feel like you’re the only person in the world, that’s why everyone loves him so much.”

According to the viral entries, Heard used those words verbatim, replacing “Dickie” with “Johnny”.

These lines correspond to the film adaptation and are not found in the original novel, how did you verify Factual AFP after a review of the book.

The declaration

Heard testified for the first time before the judge who is handling the case for defamation on May 4, 2022. The verification team AFP reviewed his testimony, broadcast live on Court TV and Law & Crime Network, and found no verbatim match to the film’s script.

That day, Heard described her relationship with the star of Pirates of the Caribbean saying.

“When I was around Johnny I felt like the most beautiful person in the world. He made me feel looked at, he made me feel like a million dollars.”

In response to a question, he also said: “And then he would disappear, and there was no way to locate him, no way to contact him.”

The AFP nor did he find coincidences in his testimony of May 5, in which he recounted episodes of alleged physical and sexual abuse by her then-husband.

Depp, a three-time Oscar nominee, denies abusing Heard during brief marriage, which began in 2015 and ended with a divorce in 2017 and several lawsuits.


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