Amber Heard: 3 looks that I copied from Johnny Depp in the defamation trial

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard they are living their second trial, now for defamation. The legal fight is taking place in the United States, but beyond what is happening inside the court, the fans were surprised to see that the actress ended up copying all the outfits of the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

This time we are going to present some of the looks that he decided to copy Depp during the trial in the United States. Fans couldn’t believe that she was dating the same as her ex-partner on different occasions.

In the photos shared on social networks you can see how the actor appeared with a gray suit with a black shirt and tie. Later, the actress appeared in court in a suit of the same tone and a black blouse. Later they were both all in black. What ended up surprising people on social networks was when she wore a tie with a bee in the same area, yes, of a different color.

How is the trial going?

Evidence was recently presented showing how Americans ingest a substance similar to “cocaine” during litigation. This video went viral on social networks, where people began to take different positions on it.

You have to remember that this trial started because Johnny wanted to sue Heard for damages. The actor asks for an amount of 50 million dollars. While the actress decided countersuing him claiming 100 million for having imposed a defamation campaign.

During the trial a series of testimonies have been presented where some acts by both have been demonstrated. Fights and a series of madness have already been exposed so far in the trial that will resume on May 16. It has to be remembered that this case is being handled by Penney Azcarate and she was the one who requested a stop alleging personal commitments.

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