4 houses of singers that you can not miss

1) Justin Beiber

To the Canadian, fame and money came quickly, at the age of 15. He clearly knew how to invest his wealth well, buying and selling luxurious mansions. Justin Bieber’s latest acquisition is not far behind: since 2020, the singer and his recent wife Hailey Baldwin have owned a house in Beverly Hills, in the private neighborhood of Beverly Park, surrounded by famous neighbors such as Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone , Samuel L. Jackson, among others. The mansion is valued at 24 million euros and has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a library, a spa, a gym, a movie theater, a huge garden with a swimming pool, a koi fish pond and a tennis court.

famous singers houses 1

2) Mick Jagger

Where do you imagine a British rock star lives? Mick Jagger may not live where you’d think, but he sure does live in luxury. The Rolling Stones leader bought a French chateau in 1982 for just two and a half million dollars. This small palace, with an area of ​​20 hectares, had already received important personalities, since it previously belonged to the finance minister of Louis XVI.
There, the rock singer leads a completely quiet life, spending time in his garden, taking care of his sheep, pruning rose gardens, recording in his own studio, exercising in the gym and on the tennis court, and spending time with his girlfriend and his four-year-old son. years. He even owns a forest and lake of his own. Not bad, right?

famous singers houses 2

3) Taylor Swift

The country-pop singer seems to be quite the expert in real estate, since she owns a large number of houses that, in total, would be worth a sum of 84 million dollars. Some say that she buys a house for each stage of her life reflected in her music: in Nashville, Tennessee, related to her beginnings, she owns 2 properties; in New York, in the Tribeca neighborhood, she bought two adjoining penthouses and joined them in a mega duplex while in Los Angeles, she bought a mansion valued at 25 million, which is currently being renovated on its way to being declared a “historic property”. ”. She also has a smaller property in Beverly Hills, purchased in 2011 for $3.55 million. But the most important of all Taylor’s properties is the one located in Rhode Island: a seaside mansion of more than a thousand square meters, with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, valued at 17.75 million dollars. She celebrates her traditional July 9th party there and has even written songs about it.

famous singers houses 3

4) Ricardo Montaner

How is the mansion in Miami where the Latin singer spent the quarantine with all his children? First of all, spacious: it has 700 square meters and eight rooms, as well as a large living room, game room, winter garden, tropical garden, a barbecue area, swimming pool and a private dock (Montaner’s favorite part). The house, in a private neighborhood, is valued at 11 million dollars, has an art deco style and was built in 1939. According to the interpreter himself, this property is “everything he dreamed of.”

famous singers houses 4

Having these houses would really be a dream. But if it is not within your reach, surely you can improve or renovate your home, so that it is as you always wanted it to be. In that way, the Home Depot catalog that this month has excellent promotions for outdoors, or the Mercado Libre Sofas promotions for interiors could be an excellent alternative for it.

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