WWE confirms the development of a wrestling-themed RPG

WWE, the well-known professional wrestling and entertainment company, has confirmed that there is an RPG in preparation with the official license that will be announced “soon”. In addition, they have also shown their satisfaction with the results of WWE 2K22which in principle should give 2K more confidence to continue with the sports series after the cancellation of 2K21 and Yuke’s new work, AEW Fight Foreverr.

“We see strength in the performance of our mobile games with 2K and Scopely, super card Y Champions“said Stephanie McMahon, brand director. “WWE has recently signed a new agreement in the role-playing game space that will be announced soon”, in addition to evaluating the evolution of the metaverse. Since this is something new, you are not talking about WrestleQuestan indie RPG developed by Mega Cat Studios for Skybound Games.

Austin Creed, also known by Xavier Woods, has reacted to the news of this role-playing game when the journalist Simon Miller has mentioned the agreement for the first time, which suggests that be involved in some way. Since 2015 Creed maintains a gaming channel on YouTube called UpUpDownDown in which he invites wrestling personalities to play, and is also one of the presenters of G4 television -which covers video games- after his resurrection in 2020.

WWE RPG in development

WWE is happy with WWE 2K22

McMahon also mentions his satisfaction at the release of WWE 2K22, released in mid-March. “After taking a little over a year off to improve the game engine, we have worked with our partners at Take 2 to listen to consumers and fans, and we have earned your trust by delivering a game that has exceeded your expectations“.

Video games will continue to be a priority for WWE, which remembers that “More than 80% of the WWE public defines itself as a player”a key market to publicize their ring stars.

WWE RPG in development

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