‘Fuck your mother everyone’; Grandpa from Chivas insults on TV Azteca

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Never die, Liga MX! If you think the tremendous display of Chivas was the best of the match in which they eliminated Pumas by a landslide in the Repechage, we present you the Guadalajara senior fan that in full transmission of Aztec TV got up from the seat to shout: “Fuck your mother everyone”.

Near the end of the first half, Azteca Deportes’ take was in the Akron Stadium grandstand, where a grandfather with the Chivas shirt got to his feet and, with the score tied 1-1 at the time, He demanded that the soccer players start playing, telling them their mother.

“Start playing, screw your mother everyone”, shouted the elderly man, making a gesture at the moment of shouting “everyone” simulating “chicken product”. The hilarious moment was immediately picked up by Christian Martinoli, Luis García and Zague in the narration of TV Aztecawhere they began to distribute the insult between them.

“That goes for Chacón and for Martinoli,” said Doctor Garcíato which the Deus of the fast sports microphone turned: “You too, Doctor, the gentleman told everyone and you, as far as I know, are also part of everyone”to the laughter of García Postigo and Zaguiño, who said of the gentleman: “This one does not discriminate.”

Chivas vs Atlas in the Quarterfinals

The hopeful performance of the Flock on Sunday to leave out Pumas, which meant the team’s fifth consecutive win with Ricardo Cadena as coach, has them in Quarterfinals of Clausura 2022 and with him Classic Tapatio confirmed, since they will face the Atlas the days Thursday and Sundayfirst in Akron and later in Jalisco.

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