Christian Horner estimates that Checo Pérez could have finished second “but he lost 30 horsepower”

Christian Horner explained that Checo Pérez had to compete with a power deficit with Red Bull

The head of Redbull, Christian Hornernoted that Czech Perez suffered a loss of 30 horsepower due to the problem that the Mexican’s RB18 suffered in its quest to outperform Carlos Sainz Jr.

On lap 20 the red lights came on in the paddock, as Czech Perez He claimed to suffer a loss of power and lost up to seven seconds of difference against the Iberian. Given this, Christian Horner He mentioned that the engineers fixed part of the problem, but were unable to recover the full power of the engine.

“We had a reliability problem. We had a problem with Checo’s engine sensor. The guys did well to move the setup and keep it to the end, but he lost 30 horsepower because of it,” he told Sky Sports.

Given this, the manager went further and mentioned that Czech Perez was able to get on the podium behind Max Verstappen. “He lost half a second a lap, he could have finished second.”

Similarly, Horner mentioned that the Red Bull RB18 will have improvements for the summer and help its two drivers facing the final stretch of the championship.

“We have some developments later in the summer that should also help and we need to save weight, but we are on a good track,” he said.

In the same way, he expressed that they need to improve on the slow parts of the tracks and not rely on the straights, where they are the strongest team “You can improve everywhere. We need to improve the slow stuff and lose weight.”

“We gave everything we had. After the safety car, we were lucky that ferrari did not enter the pits because they could have put the soft tire. At least that neutralized things. Once Leclerc was in the DRS, we couldn’t shake him. “There’s so much pressure that it’s easy to lock a wheel, but Max kept it clean and didn’t make any mistakes,” he concluded.

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