How to recognize emotional burnout according to Camila Cabello

how to recognize emotional burnout according to camila cabello

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You need a definition of emotional burn out? She just gave a perfect one C.amila Cabello, who said she suffered from it and gave advice on how to recognize it. «Being everything, for everyone, all the time», whoever has tried it knows it. The singer and actress was honored yesterday at the Power of Women event in Variety for its Healing Justice Project, a fund to give frontline workers and activists access to mental health support. In an interview she talked about her mental health and the “paralyzing anxiety” she experienced in the past before starting therapy.

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Cabello said his difficulties began when he was in his twenties and his “mental health was at its lowest level.” “There was no room for anything else, because my struggle to feel good was consuming everything”, he said. It was her mother who pushed her to go to therapy and everything changed from there. «I realized that I cannot pour from an empty cup, I cannot be present for my career or my family or my community if I don’t find the space to cure myself. It was a difficult lesson to learn, because as women, we are often expected to be everything, to everyone, at all times. ”

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According to Cabello, therefore, emotional burnout particularly affects women who have to undertake the care work and the needs of the family, but also marginalized communities and all those who have to constantly fight for their rights, get angry and feel under attack. “They often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, every day,” she said, “this applies to activists on the front lines, especially women, people of color, LGBTQ people and others with marginalized identities. Often what you do is not recognized, it is a chore and takes long hours, few resources and tons of emotional and often traumatic experiences ». According to Camila, with the right to abortion at risk in the US, the mental health of many women will deteriorate. “It’s excruciating,” she said, “obviously it will affect poor women more, because women who have resources – like me for example – will be able to handle the problem if necessary. The idea that one moment transforms the course of a woman’s life is tragic. And it is tragic that the people affected have no say in the matter ».

Precisely for this reason the actress is active not only in raising awareness on mental health, but also in providing concrete help, including economic ones, to those in difficulty because mental health also passes through the privilege of care. “My mental health journey has shown me that no matter who you are, no matter how much you love what you do, you can’t go on if you don’t have the resources, time, space and tools to heal.” “I understood the importance of taking care of myself”he said, “but even more I understand that I have to help others do the same.”

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