‘They will heal their wound until they beat Pumas in a Final’

Pumas Y Chivas star in one of the most exciting rivalries of the mexican soccer and this sporting enmity took greater force in the Closure 2004when both disputed the championship that, after a hard-fought Final, ended up staying with the university students.

Every time these teams face each other this memory revives and in the series of Repechage will not be the exception, although this wound will only heal when the Sacred Flock I won one Final to Pumas, this is how the former auriazul striker considers it Francis Fonsecaresponsible for scoring the decisive penalty for the feline title.

The fans do not want to lose against those so-called great teams and when there is precedent in this case that Pumas won a final against Chivas, I imagine that right now in the playoff Chivas will want to win at home, take advantage of their good streak and then little by little try to heal the wound, but I think that only It will be possible to heal completely until it is another final and they can win it”, he expressed in an interview for RECORD.

Pumas and Chivas playing the Final of the Clausura Tournament 2004

This meeting took on a special flavor due to the media attention it received: statements, messages, disputes on and off the field made the rivalry stronger and losing is not among the options for these teams, so they let it be known ‘kikin‘.

“All these situations, what happened in that final, which was decided on penalties, a lot of tension, all of that made that match between two great teams increase their rivalry and that was a watershed for the future. Every time Pumas-Chivas face each other, memories always come back, they are teams with which you don’t want to lose any, “he said.

To this was added the color that added Jorge Vergarawho was the owner of Chivas, actions that today leave a special memory for Fonseca and that even decrease the fans of both teams, so this duel is of great importance for the two teams.

“There it was accentuated and grew, obviously. And because we were in a final, when the big teams face each other in definitive instances or call it a final, the expectation is very high, the fans are very involved, the press is very involved and there were events of course like those, “he said.

Kikín Fonseca making fun of Oswaldo Sánchez in the 2004 Final


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