SpaceX launches and private jets cause huge Florida flight delays

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Flights passing through, landing or taking off from Florida are running considerably behind just when it’s going to start the season of summer. The problem it is a drastic increase from flights in private planes, space launches and military flights. The delays have become so severe that officials at the US Federal Aviation Administration in Florida they met this week to determine what to do about the growing traffic jams.

The FAA has 22cinside of ccontrol of tair traffic to do the amazing and complicated task of coordinating the approximately Four. Five.000 daily flights in it United States airspace. The agency recorded a decrease of 7% in the number of flights throughout the country, except in its subsidiary of Jacksonville, in Florida, which experienced a 5% increase.

Some airlines are canceling flights due to traffic jamsdespite the need to offset income after the pandemic plummeted demand for banknotes. yesaccording to Bloomberg:

The facility reported 8,935 delays lasting more than 543.000 minutes, the accumulated equivalent of more than a year, only in March. It is the third highest number of delays at any FAA center since 2017 and the largest since the start of the pandemic, according to FAA data. Backlogs have spiked in the region since October.

Charter operations and private flights are driving most of the increase in flights. At Palm Beach International Airport, private and charter flights increased by 65% to 12.239, compared to 7412 of 2019.

Private jet traffic increased during the pandemic as consumers avoided crowded commercial planes, said Peter Maestrales, chief executive of charter broker Airstream Jets.

“Palm Beach was typically a pretty quiet airport,” Maestrales said. “Now they are amazing delays in departures and the number of aircraft parked on the runway”.

But it’s not just wealthy people with private jets that are slowing travel for everyone else. Cape Canaveral is once again a lively place. 17 releases so far year put to 2022 on track to be the busiest year in decades. Bad weather, like the storm that canceled more than 10,000 flights last month, and military exercises have also forced controllers to close large swaths of airspace in Florida for periods prolonged.

To try to combat commercial flight delays, the FAA will copy the strategies New York to deal with congested skies, in addition to hiring more staff for your affiliate from jacksonville. It can take years to form to the new controllers, who must become something similar to a guild navigator from dunes.

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