Jennifer Lopez gorgeous without makeup at 52

The life he leads Jennifer Lopez it is undoubtedly that of a very busy and happily multitasking woman, between film sets, stages in the world of vision and fashion shoots with impossible schedules. Twice mom, freshly engaged to the love of youth Ben Affleck, the 52-year-old from the Bronx knows that when the pace gets particularly hectic, you need to invest utmost care in skincare, or the face will inevitably reveal signs of fatigue. In her case, there is a beauty ally who – according to Jennifer Lopez herself – works wonders, managing to awaken the glowy complexion that we all envy (look at her without make-up and tell us if it’s not a miracle of nature with her 20-year-old fresh skin). This is the That JLo Glow serum, a name a program. Obviously the brand is JLo Beauty. Super star ingredient: an antioxidant and super nutritious olive complex. To get results you need to internalize JLo’s philosophy: to be constant. The results of such discipline will not be long in coming.

The top treatment to keep skin fresh and firm after 50 like Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez made a deal with the devil, it’s obvious! Not a sign of skin sagging, not a blemish, wrinkles not even talking about it. For all of us mere mortals, the question is only one: what is in our power to do to slow down the signs of aging on the face? Dr. Stefania Enginoli, specialist in aesthetic medicine and laser-surgery with office in Milan explains: “less sun and more SPF 50, first of all. But also a lot of skincare care, selecting a few, but excellent face cosmetics to use on a daily basis. On the anti-aging treatments side, for those who want to improve the skin appearance without any kind of distortion, I recommend trying the new Alma Hybrid laser treatment. By exploiting synergistically and advanced two wavelengths integrated simultaneously, it optimizes its action. CO2 works by heating the dermis in depth and allowing exfoliation of the affected skin area, while 1570 works by heating the dermis even deeper without ablation (exfoliation). What you get is a resurfacing and rejuvenation of the skin of the face, all in a non-invasive way, with the only (important) foresight not to expose yourself to the sun in the weeks to come. The treatment can also be carried out using only the 1570 wavelength, in this case without recovery times, since only a slight redness will occur which falls within a maximum of 48 hours. The indication is to customize the laser path with a qualified expert, who knows how to indicate the best technologies and timing, personalizing the anti-aging strategy “.

3 facial treatments indicated for the 50 something like Jlo

Anti-wrinkle, firming and filling treatment with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin Complex and Shea Butter


€ 30.83

Face cream for mature skin With regenerating microalgae, Agave extract and Argan oil

Ageless Creme Riche, A sublime moisturizing and anti-aging, illuminating and repairing cream

Cecilia Beauty

US $ 159.00

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