Cristiano ‘laughs’ at ManU after being beaten 4-0

The Man Utd is in free fall inside the premier league and have already been ‘removed’ from the next Champions League, fact that has caused Cristiano Ronaldo ‘laughs’ of the team’s situation, because he could not believe that the Brighton there are thrashed 4-0.

With 58 points and with only one more game to go, the Man Utd is located in the sixth position of the Premier League, 5 points behind Arsenal What is it fourthhence they will not play The next UCL. Cristiano Ronaldo He denoted his impotence in the following way.

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Cristiano Ronaldo ‘laughs’ at Manchester United

This day the Man Utd measured before him Brighton for Day 37 of the premier leaguea match that seemed accessible to the ‘Red Devils’ but they ended up being beaten.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League match, Manchester United vs Atlético de Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League match, Manchester United vs Atlético de Madrid.

With goals from Caicedo, Cucurella, Gross and TrossardBrighton took out the 3 points from home and with it Man Utd signed a resounding failure, but what caught the most attention was the reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo.

After the 3-0 of the Brightonthe cameras they focused on Cristiano Ronaldo and the lusitanian laughed out loud, not literally in against of the Man Utdbut of impotence and that he could not believe what was happening, so this moment went viral.

Yes, that goal it already was lapidarywhen he arrived 4-0 CR7 reacted in the same waylooking discouraged and helpless, so he just he accompanied his laughter with nods without believing what he was living.

Although it is said that Erik Ten Hagnew SD of the Man Utdwants to Christian stays in the team, it is rumored that the Portuguese will seek to leave in summerwhere your choices would be PSG or the Bayern Munich.

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