Met Gala report cards: Kim Kardashian version Marilyn (9), Ferragnez disappoint (7), Billie Eilish Bridgerton (5)

“Gilded glamor”: this is the theme of the Met Gala 2022, the second after the pandemic, the event that every year offers a dream look (and even a little sui generis outfit, we must say it). The next morning we talk again only of Kim Kardashian, who in 2021 had arrived entirely covered by a black tunic complete with a balaclava, and for this edition she has chosen, again, the most talked about outfit of all: the original dress by Marilyn Monroe with whom the actress sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to Jfk, who turned 45 in 1962. Nine for the idea and for the interpretation.

Chiara Ferragni, the sad memory of the 2015 Met Gala: “Depressing period, I was in a relationship that didn’t work”

The report cards

Kim Kardashian 9

So we were saying: the most original idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis Met Gala because nothing screams more age than the American golden age of the stars and stripes Marilyn, which in the Sixties unleashed a roar by stripping off her fur and revealing the mermaid dress signed by Jean-Louis , Hollywood costume designer. “It was the most American idea that came to mind,” the socialite explained to Vogue. To get into the look, Kim had to work in all senses: with a strict diet and lots of sport (in addition to the sauna suit worn twice a day) the only way to wear the dress of the petite Monroe, and 14 hours to bleach the hair raven making her platinum blonde. Even getting the chance to show off the dress, which had never been loaned to anyone and had been stored for years at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in a dark vault with fixed temperature and humidity, was not easy. But in the end it all worked out. Also, and above all, the social effect.

Kim Kardashian wears Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the Met Gala: “On a diet for months and 14 hours to dye my hair”

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez 7

The Ferragnez walk the red carpet of the Met with a total black look by Versace. Yesterday Chiara shared on Instagram the difficult moment she went through last time at the event and the happiness of returning with her husband. Too bad that for their first time as a couple we would have expected something more.

Emily Ratajkoski 8

The top chooses sustainability with a vintage Versace dress from the spring summer 1992 collection. Yasmeen Ghauri wore it on the catwalk and Emrata is absolutely no less in the nude model with beaded top and silk skirt, as well as the same hairstyle: the chignon. Promoted.

Kylie Jenner 5

Her Off White wedding dress with veil and baseball cap did not go unnoticed: unfortunately not for the right reasons. The youngest of the Kardashians appeared decidedly off topic and her memes bounce on social networks. She’ll do better (maybe) next time.

Blake Lively 9

The veteran of the Met (so much so that in Gossip Girl she also haunted the stairs, the well-informed will remember) this year has chosen perhaps the most refined look of the red carpet, a Versace dress in tulle inlaid with crystals and sequins with a maxi bow at the waist. The reference is to the transformation of the Statue of Liberty from bronze to green. Nobody understood it, but when in doubt we promote it.

Billie Eilish 5

The intent was good: a dress (Gucci) made entirely of recycled materials. Even the shoes were vegan leather, because consistency is a virtue. Too bad that the effect of the dress with corset and petticoat in green and ivory lace was more Bridgerton and less Gilded Glamor. Good idea, minus the execution.

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