Lyrics and translation of Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga

Lyrics and translation of Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga, an intense ballad to overcome fears (Friday 6 May 2022)
Listen Hold My Hand from Lady Gaga it means finding confirmation that whatever is touched by the voice of Lady Germanotta becomes gold, and not a few carats. In many years of career the pop star of Poker Face has visited the neon rooms of the most commercial dance, has enchanted the audience with poignant songs, has duet with Metallica and sang acapella Black Dog by Led Zeppelin without the slightest effort. She has finally conquered the throne again, with the beautiful Shallow who needs no introduction.

Hold My Hand from Lady Gaga

Hold My Hand from Lady Gaga is yet another approach by the pop star to the world of cinema. The song, in fact, is part of the …Read on optimagazine


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