F1 2022 live: Free Practice GP Miami LIVE: Formula 1 car race result 2022 live online

LIVE Result: Free Practice Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2022

15:10 | Driver James Corden is walking around the paddock and that’s how he was seen yesterday, accompanied by Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, in a fun dynamic.

15:00 | We are an hour and a half from the start of the Free Practice 2 session and At the end of the last round, some riders took the opportunity to carry out a start rehearsal on the track

00:00 | it’s over Leclerc sets the fastest time in this session, followed by Russell, Verstappen, Prez and Gasly. Here we stay and it is that in less than two hours the next activity starts on the F1 track.


02:00 | All the first places change. Leclerc is first, Russell second, Max third and Checo is fourth with two minutes to go.

05:00 | Max Verstappen is already heading to the pits and ends his first free practice session in Miami, so far in first place. Checo is still on track and appears in seventh place.

08:00 | The top five places so far are: Verstappen, Albon, Russell, Hamilton and Carlos Sainz. Let’s see if Checo manages to climb in this closing, because he is tenth now.

10:00 | A great time by Max Verstappen and he is placed in first place after setting a lap of 1:31.350, followed by Alex Albon who gives the surprise and is second.

12:00 | Bad luck for Carlos Sainz, who came out for the first time with soft tires and suffered a mistake in turn 4, causing a puncture in one of those tyres.

15:00 | Green flag on the track after Bottas’ accident and we are already entering the final stretch of this first free practice session at the Miami Grand Prix.

17:00 | Just before the red flag appeared on the track, Lewis Hamilton set the second fastest time of the session by clocking just 0.021 more than Carlos Sainz did.

20:00 | Bottas’ car is already removed but now they clean up the remains on the track and see if they have time to work to have the car ready for Free Practice 2 which starts in just over two hours.

25:00 | RED FLAG ON THE TRACK. Valtteri Bottas suffers a mistake and hits the wall, but the clock keeps ticking while they manage to remove the car from the track.

26:00 | Leclerc returns to the pits and at the same time Verstappen takes to the track to try to get out of eighth place.

28:00 | The tip doesn’t move much. Lando Norris takes third and Verstappen is in the pits after being asked by the team to come in for a car overhaul.

32:00 | Once again Charles Leclerc appears and the time drops, marking 1:32.443, followed by Sainz, Checo Prez, George Russell and Fernando Alonso, who begins to improve.

36:00 | Carlos Sainz has already lowered the record on the track and takes first place after setting a lap of 1:32.679. The Spaniard wants to shake off after the last two bitter races.

39:00 | ATTENTION MEXICO. Checo Prez marks 1:32.759 and already takes first place in this free practice session that opens the activity of the Miami Grand Prix.

41:00 | George Russell continues to stand up for Mercedes and is already in second place, just 0.001 behind the best time set by Leclerc. Hamilton so far is in fifth place.

42:00 | Checo and Alonso have the same problem in the same corner and the track is still very green, with very little grip on the tires as it is unused pavement.

44:00 | Checo Prez appears in seventh place and launches a radio communication, asking his team to change the seat, since his visibility of the track is not good.

46:00 | It seems that the blow to the head has not affected Carlos Sainz, who is already in first place with a lap of 1:33.163, followed by Leclerc and Max Verstappen.

49:00 | Charles Leclerc is back on top with a great lap of 1:33.440, just 0.009 faster than Verstappen, although with a medium tire and the Dutchman with soft.

51:00 | Good Red Bull with its two drivers doing a great lap and Max is in the first place, followed by Checo Pérez and Lando Norris. Hamilton is already spinning on the track.

53:00 | Charles Leclerc already shows that he is brave this weekend and sets a great time, with a 1:34.8, closely followed by the Japanese Tsunoda.

55:00 | Verstappen already marks his first fast lap in Miami history and does so with 1:36.099, 0.646 ahead of Lando Norris.

57:00 | We are just starting the weekend and we already have the first controversy with Esteban Ocon cas crashing into George Russell on the way out of the pits.

59:00 | The green lights appear on the circuit and the activity on the track is already beginning, with Checo Prez as one of the first to leave to start feeling the track.

Thanks to the Miami Grand Prix, the first in Florida in Formula 1 history, hehe pilots experienced a great week full of events and coexistence with superstars of all classes.

Read the full note HERE.

About to start Free Practice 1 in Miami

13:25 | The pilots already appear in their garages and Carlos Sainz takes the time to release the tension with a bit of boxing, in the purest style of Canelo Álvarez, who fights tomorrow in Las Vegas.

Horner breaks the silence on the renewal of Checo Pérez

(Photo: Reuters)

13:20 | There is good news for the Mexican F1 fans and it is that Christian Horner spoke in relation to a possible renewal of Checo Prez: “He is doing a great job (Checo), everyone is happy with him in the team. If he had to make a decision today, of course it would be that we would like to extend (his contract). So as long as you keep doing what you’re doing, it’ll be a no-brainer.”

Read the full note HERE.

This is the circuit in Miami

13:15 | Telmex Squire shares some interesting facts you need to know about this new circuit around the home of the Miami Dolphins, which hosts Formula 1 this weekend.


Leclerc reveals a dark past with Verstappen

13:10 | Charles Leclerc, current leader of the championship, spoke about his relationship with Max Verstappen and declared that it was not always very good: “It has always been very even, especially in the junior categories. In karting, I remember that it was me and that’s why at one point we hated each other, because many times it didn’t end in the best way possible”.

Read the full note HERE.

Carlos Sainz and a blow to the head

13:05 | Just yesterday afternoon, the Spanish pilot Carlos Sainz took a strong blow to the head when entering the track, although that will not be an impediment for him to be part of the Grand Prix.

Read the full note HERE.

Hamilton threatens not to run due to jewelry restrictions

12:55 | after last night F1 would reiterate that the use of jewelry is prohibited, Lewis Hamilton has threatened not to race this weekend: “If I get pulled over, so be it. We have a spare driver, so we are ready and prepared for the weekend. There is a lot to do in the city anyway! Be good either way.”

AlphaTauri changes face for Miami

12:50 | The team AlphaTauri went further and not only modified the hulls, but the entire look of the car, inspired by the graffiti in Miami, something completely special.

Norris, NBA style

12:45 | If we talk about special helmets for this Miami Grand Prix, Lando Norris’s is one of the most liked and it is that it will honor one of the most popular sports in the United States, basketball.

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Spectacular Czech Prez helmet

12:40 | A couple of hours ago, the Mexican Red Bull driver presented the spectacular helmet that he will use throughout this weekend, with all the vibe of Miami.

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Hello, good afternoon and welcome. The Miami Grand Prix kicks off today with the first two free practice sessions, which we will tell you totally live.

As it is a new circuit in the Great Circus, these first practice sessions take on greater interest and it is that we will begin to see which team the layout favors the most.

The first session starts at 13:30 in Mexico City and we are ready to see how Checo Prez feels about this new incursion, where he will surely have Latin support in the stands.

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