The great plan of Novorussia

The great plan of “Novorussia”: overturned geographic maps. Thus the Tsar rewrites all borders (Wednesday 4 May 2022)
Two months have passed since the beginning of the grueling conflict in Ukraine, but the war objectives have not yet been fully defined. Zelensky’s thought would be what Putin supports Europe and NATO, even if at the moment there is no certain proof of this thesis. Moscow instead reported that the primary objective would be to conquer the Donbass. Self Like this if it were, would Putin stop there or continue? The deputy commander of the forces of the Central Military District forces, Rustam Minnekayev, said that Southern Ukraine would also be in the sights of the tsar. “It would also be a corridor to Transnistria, where there are cases of oppression from the Russian-speaking population ”explained the deputy commander. If this prediction turns out to be true, it would mean that Putin’s will would be to …Read on liberoquotidiano


twitterjohn92669360 : RT @giancufred: ‘The challenge is this: make the Bull grow up’ (Don Robella, Superga, # 4maggio) #GrandeTorino # 4maggio1949 #SFT http… – giancufred : ‘The challenge is this: make the Bull become great’ (Don Robella, Superga, # 4maggio) #GrandeTorino # 4maggio1949… – J0SHALLENN : piano- ariana grande – Dome8120 : @ fauci78 Dissolve it in a glass with a little warm water if it is too big and give it to him with the syringe slowly … – ardigiorgio : Locals. Great absent (as for ilva) cingolani, who instead summons to the mild table for #ast terni with arvedi, dimo … –

Off Rome 4: in the land of the Colonna da Palestrina in Zagarolo

… we access the upper balcony on which we pause to admire the great and … To the first floornext to the ticket office, the ceiling of the room on the left is embellished by the fresco of the …

San Cataldo, Andaloro leaves the council and is a candidate for the regional teams: in his place Gabriele Amico

… with great attention also paid to the quality of the meals, the menu and the rights of … the works started for the Floor of Zone 2021, the establishment of the Consulta dello Sport and the …

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Carboni to TuttoBari: “In Bari you want great football. For the B 4-5 strong players”

Great credit goes to those who built the team and to those who led it, therefore Polito and Mignani. They were the main architects: after years of disappointment they hit the target. Polito …

Antonella Elia reveals: “Maria De Filippi has no longer sued Pietro Delle Piane”

Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane – Photo: Instagram The former VIP gieffina and former columnist of Big Brother Vip 5, Antonella Elia, explained: “But that was just a huge misunderstanding: …

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