Pumas you are not a boy, you are tiny: Álvaro Morales


He gave them everything! Alvaro MoralesESPN analyst is “one of the main detractors” of the group of UNAM Cougars. After the loss to Seattle Sounders of the mls, Morales decided to express his repudiation before the squad of the MX League Y point out “his failure” by not being able to continue with the hegemony of Mexican soccer.

Pumas is not a boy, he is tiny: Morales

“I warned them and it happened: cougars birdrgonzo the hegemony of Liga MX hahaha”, was the message with which Morales began “his bombardment” for the varsity team. Similarly, he mocked the “luck” of Andres Lillini and that ironically, his team have been “eliminated by an own goal”.

The accusations increased in level when the ESPN analyst qualified the UNAM Cougars as a team that does not deserve to be called “great”. Expressing: “One of the biggest lies in Liga MX: Cougars you are not big. Neither boy. you are tiny“.

“Once wasn’t enough: the Cougars again allow the MX League lose your ticket to Club World Cup Again!. Cougars you are not only a lie: you are a disgrace!” Alvaro Morales through his Twitter account.

In no less than 16 tweets, Morales scoffed at the defeat that those led by Andres Lillini suffered before Seattle Soundersa team that started as favorites before the match. Cougars let go of an advantage 2-0 in the Ida match in the University Olympic Stadiumwhile the MLS team thrashed them 3-0 in the LumenField.

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