Happy birthday Serse Cosmi | Brigitta Boccoli …

Happy birthday Serse Cosmi, Brigitta Boccoli … (Thursday 5 May 2022)

… Bice Biagi, Fiorella Kostoris, Fedele La Sorsa, Domenico Marocchino, Emanuele Giaccherini, Alessandra Sardoni, Michele Pelillo, Enzo Miccio, Azzurra Cancelleri, Chris Brown, Mattia Caldara… Today 5 May is the birthday: Marcello Martone, former rugby player, doctor; Sergio Riva, former footballer, coach; Carlo Bavagnoli, photojournalist; Giorgio Bellettini, physicist; Gina Rovere, actress; Tarcisio Oberti, former footballer; Guido Bellini, general; Ugo Fornari, psychiatrist; Federica Ranchi, actress; Giorgio Brigo, former footballer; Gianni Bui, former football player, coach; Michele Martelli, philosopher, essayist; Alceste Catella, bishop; Sergio Pipan, journalist, writer; Cosimo Izzo, politician, lawyer; Fiorella Kostoris, economist; Ida da Poian, archer; Romano Donzelli, former footballer; Bruno Ferrero, priest, writer; Iskra Menarini, singer; Bice Biagi, journalist; Mario Zimolo, ex …Read on romadailynews


twittersscnapoli : ?? Happy birthday @PochoLavezzi! ?? #Go Napoli forever – UEFAcom_it : ?? Happy birthday to Ezequiel Lavezzi ???? – Coninews : With the butterflies of rhythmic gymnastics at the Olympic Games in # London2012 ?? won bronze in the competition … – writeaboutlou : happy birthday to one of the best women I know, to my point of reference. I hope you can spend … – DlymaMohamed2 : A Fuck hasn’t changed since #Fascists and #Nazis still exist 2022 !!! ALIVE ??? THE #EBREWS ?? Of all the mo … –

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