discover the lipsticks to recreate the lip look of the Met Gala

This weekend was held in New York, one of the biggest fashion events: the Met Gala.
An evening in which Hollywood stars show off whimsical, elegant looks with the only goal: to amaze!

Speaking of beauty looks that have hit, surely there is one of Gigi Hadid became a real trend to imitate in just a few hours!

The outfit, all by Atelier Versace, consisted of dark red latex pants and a matching corset and a huge, floor-length bubble puffer jacket with very wide sleeves.

In particular, however, to leave everyone breathless was the make up focused all on the lips; made up with a lacquer effect and surrounded by a bright two-tone ombré that echoed the color of the outfit; the eyes, on the other hand, were left naked, with a thread of mascara to intensify everything, the base, finally, natural and luminous.

The coolest thing about this makeup is hers ease of making it at home; in fact, just use a darker pencil to outline the lips by blending the color towards the center and then apply a red lipstick with an intense color, in the center to give the glossy and lacquered effect instead, a lip tint or a top coat.

We have selected some lipsticks for you to recreate the beauty look by Gigi Hadidyou can find them all on Amazon.

How to recreate Gigi Hadid’s lip makeup at home

The lipstick used for the makeup of Gigi Hadid at the Meet Gala 2022 it is low cost, it is, in fact, Maybelline’s lipstick Superstay Vinyl Ink Lipstick.

A long-lasting lip tint with vinyl finish and high impact suitable for any lip look, no transfer and smudge-proof, lasts up to 16 hours. It is available in many colors.
This long-lasting lipstick formula provides a glossy finish without leaving the sticky effect on the lips.
The formula is vegan and is enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera which give a comfortable feeling.

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

Another alternative to recreate Gigi’s look is this extremely light and comfortable shade from L’Oreal.

The formula based on “oil and water” is so light that you do not notice you are wearing it, the calligrapher applicator, with a flat shape and thin tip, for a release of perfect color and defined lips in a single stroke.

Long Lasting Lipstick 2in1, Rimmel

No transfer liquid lipstick with intense colors and very long lasting (up to 16h) with a glossy finish. The lipstick comes with two products: a tint and a glossy top coat. Apply the color and wait 60 seconds, then complete the look with the clear top coat. The color appears full and gloss.

Shiny liquid lipstick, L’Oreal

Extremely bright lip tint and a vinyl effect finish, light formula for an imperceptible and comfortable feeling on the lips. Thanks to the flat-shaped applicator it is easy to outline the contours of the lips for a professional make-up.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Color

Lipfinity gives a bright and lively finish that lasts up to 24 hours. For a professional result, first apply the color starting from the center of the lips and then spreading it towards the corners and edges. After letting it dry for 60 seconds, fix the color with the Top Coat. Then repeat the application of the moisturizing gloss throughout the day to have lips always hydrated and shiny like those of Gigi Hadid.

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