Why didn’t Guillermo Ochoa sign with PSG when he had everything agreed?

William Ochoa had the opportunity to play with the French PSG before with the Ajaccioalthough a bad move prevented that incorporation from being closed when everything had already been agreed upon.

A scandalous positive for clenbuterol would prevent the goalkeeper from making a more brilliant leap to European football, so he would have to settle for playing with Ajaccioa club with a low budget that would only serve to reach more competitive leagues.

Ochoa had developed a great career in America and thought it was time to take a leap forward, for what he did everything possible to emigrate, even when Emilio Azcárraga He asked him first hand to continue in the club.

Aware that they would not give him the facilities, he agreed with the Parisian team to join him as soon as his contract with the Eagles ended, although everything fell apart with a positive because of consuming meat.

There were plenty of chances I could get outSuddenly, America put a very high price on it, I had a contract and the teams thought about it because I didn’t have a community passport, occupying a place abroad is complicated because they are looking for forwards, wingers, and In the end, he says that no one had ever had a Mexican goalkeeper.. They knew he could do well, but he needed a process.”

“There came a time when I said: ‘I’m so sorry, with the pain in my heart I’m leaving’, because I did want to leave something to the club, but the two parties did not agree. At the end of the contract, I was already agreed with a team, I was a free agent, “he recalled in an interview with Jorge Van Rankin on YouTube.

The positive threw everything down

During the participation of the Gold Cup with the Tricolor, Ochoa tested positive along with four other playersso he had to start a long procedure that would make the PSG board not wait for him anymore and decide to sign the Italian Salvatore Sirigu.

Paris tells me ‘ok, you’re positive, fix it and you’ll come’. But I was in limbo for a moment. I didn’t have a contract with anyone anymore, and then America did come and they told me ‘this is the contract for you to stay'”, commented the goalkeeper, who in the end would find a timely proposal from Ajaccio, a small team from the island of Corsica .

“We saw everything in secret, he said ‘I believe in your word and I want you to play here’. I give him my word, we go back and the resolution comes out that they are not guilty. I told him that I was going to play here and he I made”.

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