Belarus, bordering Ukraine, announces surprise military exercise | Europe up to date | D.W.

The military units will work on their ability to “be on alert, move to predetermined areas and do combat training,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The objective of this test is to evaluate the preparation and the capacity of the personnel to react quickly to a possible crisis,” he added, describing this exercise as a “surprise.”

The ministry released photos showing columns of vehicles, including tanks, on a highway.

The moves come amid suspicions in kyiv that its northern neighbor plans to send its troops to Ukraine to support Russia’s campaign there.

Belarus, led with an iron hand for almost 30 years by Alexander Lukashenko, serves as a logistical base and a rearguard for Moscow’s offensive against Ukraine.

This indirect participation in the conflict does not seem to raise unanimous support in the country, shaken in 2020 by strong opposition protests that considered Lukashenko’s re-election fraudulent, which he fiercely repressed.

Several acts of sabotage have been recorded in the country, especially against the railway network, and numerous suspects have been arrested.


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