The specialties with less demand in the MIR assignment

Applicants to the MIR 2022.

After three days of adjudication MIRin which a place has been assigned to applicants with an order number up to 1,200 of the degree Medicine, some specialties have not been released in the process. Specifically, according to data published by the Ministry of Healthnine areas continue to keep 100 percent of the quota offered for this call free, while others, such as Dermatology Y Plastic surgeryThey have sold out all available places.

The specialties that have not been chosen by any candidate are: Allergology (71 seats); Clinical Analysis (21 places); Clinical Biochemistry (5 places); Thoracic Surgery (23 places); Immunology (15 seats); Work Medicine (107 seats); Nuclear medicine (48 seats); Microbiology and Parasitology (41 places); Y Radiation Oncology (68 places).

However, although they have been released in the process of awarding MIR places 2022, other specialties also keep practically all their vacancies available. In this group is Pathological anatomywhich has awarded 3 of the 127 places offered; Geriatrics, with the delivery of a vacancy of 102 offered; either Physical Medicine and Rehabilitationwhich has only been chosen by a doctor, so it has 132 vacancies.

It also maintains a quota of 99 percent of places without a Family and Community owner, the area with the greatest supply (2,336 places). Specifically, after three award days, it has only delivered 20 places.

Dermatology and Plastics exhaust all MIR 2022 places

On the other side of the coin are the most valued specialties among the first order numbers. Dermatology It did not take long to fill the quota offered for the current call, being chosen by 115 doctors in just two days. Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery became the second specialty to fill up all its MIR places, although it did so on the third day of the process.

Everything indicates that Cardiology It will be the third to hang the ‘sold out’ sign, since 78 percent of the places offered have been awarded. Legal and Forensic Medicine could be the next to run out of places after assigning one more vacancy on the third day of adjudication, which means that four of the eight places offered have already been chosen. Therefore, there are available 50 percent of the places offered.

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