Rihanna threw a rave-themed baby shower

If you try to type “baby shower” on Amazon you will be presented with a world of products that you did not even suspect existed. Pink flowers and balloons all over the place, pink rhinestone “Mom to be” hair bands, cupcakes, pregnancy-themed games, personalized cards, “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy” garlands.

For years now, expecting celebrities have been indulging themselves in raising the stakes in organizing these hyper-detailed “prenatal” parties in order to welcome the arriving baby and receive gifts from the participants. Basically they are kindergarten parties for adults, but without paper tablecloths and with Champagne, with teddy bear cakes, pink tulle and baby bottle-shaped favors. By the way, the guests are usually only women. Maybe someone was expecting Rihanna to participate in this pre-birth frenzy of hers too by organizing one, or asking a friend of hers to do it for her, that’s the custom. In a way it was like this, only her baby shower was a rave party theme.

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According to HipHollywood And Entertainment Tonight, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky celebrated their upcoming son by flying to Barbados on April 22 with select friends and perpetuates. A intimate but definitely one-of-a-kind rave-shower. Forget the pastel pink napkins and bouquets of peonies, forget about the almost mother at the center of attention with her husband acting as an extra or directly uninvited. “Rihanna didn’t want a female-only baby shower,” a source told ET., “I’m in it together, it was supposed to be a party for both of us “.

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Dismantling the clichés about motherhood one piece at a time has never seemed easier and now Rihanna, who has been deconstructing the maternity style for months, has added a piece that not even we had considered. After all, baby showers are the instagrammable symbol of the transformation from woman to mother, is it really allowed to escape them? «Before you experience the joy of 3am screams, a seemingly impossible amount of poop and having your favorite shirt covered in regurgitation … there are gifts to open, rompers to dye, there is a cake to serve, tips to share and all-round celebrations to do “, wrote Blake Lively on the occasion of her baby shower in 2014. But the real queens of baby showers are of course the Kardashians: Kourtney organized two when she was expecting her third child, Reign.

The party of Riri and ASAP, on the other hand, was strictly private: HipHollywood he reported that guests, including celebrities, were prevented from taking photos and videos. According to the magazine, however, the theme of the evening was effectively “rave party” and the guests were dressed in neon colors. Twitter is also turning a photo of a t-shirt given to guests as a gift with childhood photos of Rihanna and Rocky printed on it and the words “I Went to Rih & Rocky’s Rave Shower and All I Got Was This Amazing Shirt”. The subtext is as clear as it is in line with Rihanna’s revolution: if you’re pregnant and can walk around in a latex crop top, you can even have fun late into the night. Glazed pastries can wait.

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