Andrés Lillini got tired of Álvaro Morales and completely destroyed him


The National University coach answered the ESPN journalist after his constant attacks.

The Pumas coach answered the ESPN journalist.
© Image 7 / GettyThe Pumas coach answered the ESPN journalist.

If there is a detractor of the UNAM Pumas, that is the journalist from ESPN, Alvaro Morales, who at every opportunity turns his opinions against the University students. Strong qualifiers to lower the institution and comments about apparent refereeing aid are part of his repertoire during games.

Without going any further, after the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League, A video of the ‘Brujo’ went viral celebrating the comeback of the Seattle Sounders in a crazy way in Ciudad Universitaria, and beating the Pedregal team. and this sunday Tweets reappeared during the win against Pachuca that qualified Felino for the Repechage.

In the press conference after Matchday 17 of the Liga MX, the coach Andres Lillini he was consulted about the grievances received and nothing was saved. Although he claimed that these comments can only be taken for more strength, He shot hard at Álvaro Morales, describing his actions as ‘slapstick’.

I never dedicate myself to answering people in bad faith, encouraging violence on Twitter and stuff, I don’t give credit or identity to anyone who wants to defame this, they live off of that, one is respectful. They taught me that education has to do with soccer, so you have to be educated first and foremost. Those people who want us to do badly, because that’s what they live for, from the media and more antics, it’s no use to me. Besides, I don’t have social networks, I find out what they tell me, and what’s more, we take it sometimes as strength to counteract difficult momentshe declared.

The last video of Álvaro Morales against Pumas

After the 2-2 obtained agonizingly by Seattle against Pumas, Álvaro Morales took the opportunity to record a video in sheer madness: “where are those pussycats that were going to win”began before qualifying UNAM as “a disgusting historical lie of our football”.

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