‘Out of discomfort’, Hernán Cristante puts his resignation on the table

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After the violent events occurred in the The Corregidora Stadium between porra of Querétaro and Atlas on Day 10, at the Queretaro institution there is total uncertainty. The Roosters finished the Regular Phase of this Clausura 2022 with a bulky 4-0 win over FC Juarez and thus got rid of the last place in the quotient.

Hernan Cristantethe team’s coach, revealed that has put his resignation on the table Given the situation that the club is experiencing.

I don’t know what will happen, we do not know anything. We are expecting. I can’t get in the way of people getting in. My resignation is on the table. They told me to take things easy, we are calm and happy with the work. My contract was for one more year, but it is not ethical to demand it. We don’t know who will come. We do not know anything. I have to step aside, it is the ethical question. NOr am I comfortable for everything that happened. Everyone has behaved very well, but we are waiting, ”she commented.

With the semester over for Gallos, Cristante does not see the future to carry out a planning.

“I tell you how I worked with the coaching staff when we got here. In the games between Atlas and America we were going to see the needs for the next tournament. It couldn’t be done because of everything that happened in that game against Atlas. But we have the season designed, see what players are needed, but it’s not healthy futurear, we don’t know what’s going to happen”.

Evenacknowledged that his coaching staff is not comfortablebut they have to keep working.

The feeling of discomfort is very highBut I think we can get over it. We have it in our blood, we like to suffer, we like to have problems growing up. I would like that in a couple of weeks they would tell us what is going to happenBut it won’t be like that.”

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