Gamer takes away 1st place in the Fortnite tournament for camping on top of a tree

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This Thursday night the Zero Masons Tournament began, created by the popular streamer TheGrefgwhere several content creators were invited to participate, Ampeter being the one who won the first game but at the same time, being eliminated after this.

Ampeter was traveling the areas of the map using his jetpack, flying over the trees and camping in them until only Komanche, Aldo, Raptor, Imantado, Folagor, Makina and the aforementioned Ampeter were left alive, who won the match obtaining 11 eliminations.

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“One thing must be recognized: although Ampeter has not played Fortnite for a long time, he has been the smartest. It is that he has been the only one who has used the jetpack in the entire lobby,” said TheGrefg.

A strategy that annoyed the other participants who did not complain that he won, but that in a certain way he was prevailing throughout the game, before which the organizer made the controversial decision to eliminate him from the tournament.

According to TheGrefg: “Ampeter, I think you have done everything you could do in this tournament, you have won a game, you are going to receive your prize, but I kindly ask you to leave the tournament.”

The streamer, however, understood the annoyance and left without much problem, indicating that: “I understand. I’m leaving. A hug and thanks for letting me participate. I have not done anything special to win it. Just stay in a bush.”

Anyway, for the record, Ampeter was the first winner of the tournament and of the $18 thousand dollars which he kept, with a peculiar strategy to which he himself had anecdotally referred before his participation, duando said: “A lot of country there will be in the tournament, so watch out for the trees”.

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