Fortnite: construction returned by surprise and fans discuss in networks

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Some days ago Fortnite released a new mode that was very well received by the community: Zero Construction, which completely removes this element from Battle Royale. Players were happy with this addition, but there is still a section of fans who miss the build.

We have good news for you if you are part of them, because Epic Games has just confirmed that the mechanics officially returned to its title. The announcement excited many, but also sparked a discussion on social media about whether or not this mechanic should continue to exist.

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Players of Fortnite discuss the construction and its importance

It is no secret to anyone that the construction caused many players to move away from Fortnite over time. Due to this, its elimination caused the number of Battle Royale users to increase significantly in recent weeks.

The strategy had good results, to the extent that Epic thought of an alternative to offer pitched battles without construction. Zero Build is now a permanent mode, so everyone can enjoy the title however they please.

Despite this, there were discussions on social networks once the construction was reactivated a few moments ago. There are fans who believe that this element should disappear forever, as it hinders the hectic pace of gameplay that Battle Royale has had in recent days.

On the other hand, veteran fans disagree, believing that construction should stay. This is because it has always been a characteristic element of the game that differentiates it from the rest of the titles of the genre.

The good news is that Epic Games offers alternatives for everyone, as the games with and without construction will remain active simultaneously until further notice.

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Fortnite is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC and mobile. Find more information related to Battle Royale on this page.

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