Britney Spears attacks ex Justin Timberlake on Instagram, then deletes the post

Ever since she got free Britney Spears began to remove a few pebbles from his shoe and so, after accusing his father Jamie Spears of abuse, his sister Jamie Lynn (former star of Zoey 101) of having hurt her a lot and her colleague Christina Aguilera of having remained silent during her 13 years of legal protection, today the singer of “Baby one more time” has decided to tell his truth also about the ex Justin Timberlake.

Despite between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake it looked like the hatchet had been buried, now we discover that there are actually some old rusts that have not yet been forgotten.

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In the past few hours Britney posted on his Instagram account a long message, later deleted, where he pointed the finger at the ex-boyfriend accusing him of using his name to make his way into the world of music and sell more records. The album in question is that of her debut, Justified, released in 2002, the year in which Spears and Timberlake broke up after three years of love.

«The other night Jesus spoke to me and said to me“ Dear child, your mother was busy with her book just when you needed her. All for what? Fame and attention! », He began Britney Spears up Instagram referring to Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid Worldthe book her mother published in 2008 about her daughter’s struggles with the paparazzi and the pop star’s increasingly precarious mental health.

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After being forced into silence, today Britney no longer wants to remain silent by telling the past decades where, before the moment of darkness, her life seemed to be perfect and sparkling even if, in reality, it was not so.

“Your ex did the same thing. He released his first album using your name and then saying that you have muddied it, ”Spears continued talking about Justin without ever mentioning Timberlake’s name openly. The story between the two pop stars began in 1999 and then ended amidst controversy in 2002, when Britney she was accused of treason by the gossip newspapers. The same version was also confirmed by Justin in the video of “Cry Me A River”, Inside which appeared a Spears impersonator.

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Justin Timberlake bitterly regretted his attitude, as he admitted himself in an Instagram post published earlier this year. “I am deeply sorry for the moments in my life when my actions contributed to the problem, when I spoke out or did not speak for what was right,” wrote the singer at the time of the FreeBritney.

“I understand that I have not been up to par in these moments and in many others and I have benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism,” admitted Justin, whose words, however, seem not to have had the desired effect given how much it has. written Britney in the last few hours, still deeply saddened by the way in which the people she loved most had exploited her without hesitation making her feel alone and wrong.

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