Memo Ochoa and how he won title over Jesús Corona in Brazil 2014

William Ochoaclub goalkeeper Americarecalled the suffering he experienced prior to Brazil World Cup 2014 because he did not know if he would be the Tri’s starting goalkeeper or not, because Michael Herrera had in the first instance considered Jose de Jesus Corona.

It was not in the plans in the list of the Piojo. I was not to the liking of the louse. He had Moisés Muñoz in América and he liked Chuy (Corona). But once they qualify for the World Cup and tour EuropeHéctor González (Iñárritu) and El Piojo come to see me.

“We went to dinner, in short, he told me: ‘you’re going to have a chance and we’ll see how it goes’. He quotes me for the friendly match against Nigeria, before the World Cup. Good match of mine”, he begins to recount Ochoa in an interview with Donkey Van Rankin.

Memo explained how it was that little by little he was convincing Michael Herrera to be the goalkeeper of the Trialthough he acknowledged that much was due to an injury suffered by José de Jesús Corona in the farewell match he had Mexico in the Azteca against Israel.

“In the end I get on the World Cup list. Miguel out there kept saying that his goalkeeper was Corona, but I said ‘I’m going to convince him not’. In the farewell match against Israel at the Azteca, I said let’s see, and that puts Chuy in the starting lineup and gets injured in a crash.

“There was Talavera and I wasn’t giving it much thought. All that period before the World Cup Chuy did not trainhe could not due to the injury, and he recovers very just, he recovers it for a match against Portugal, a friendly, and he tells us: ‘they are going to play half time and half time and take a shot‘” he recalled.

It came the moment of truth

The Americanist archer pointed out that once they reached Brazil to face the worldthe goalkeepers still did not know who would start, until prior to debut against Cameroon the Louse Herrera He called them together to tell them the news.

He brought together the goalkeeping coach, the goalkeeperstold us: ‘it was a tough competition, but It’s a sports issue and I have to make a decision… the one who is going to play the game is going to be Memo“, he recounted.

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