“We slept on the floor because they don’t even put a carpet”

The technical director took with humor the situation that the Guatemalan team experienced in Houston, having to spend the night at the airport due to logistics problems

Luis Fernando Tenacoach of the Guatemalan national teamjoked with the incident that caused the representative he leads to have to sleep on the floorprior to the game against Mexicobecause there was a delay in flights and they could not get lodging for their clients.

“We slept on the floor, because they don’t even put a carpet anymore. Right now, the boys are asleep, but this is not an excuse for the game”, he commented. Luis Fernando Tenatechnician of Guatemala.

The Guatemalan national team had to sleep on the floor of the airport in Houston, Texas, because an electrical storm caused logistical problems to get to Orlando, Florida, where he will face Mexico.

The players of Guatemala reported the situation on social networks, uploading photos of their classmates asleep in armchairs, on the floor or on tables, although for Luis Fernando Tena This incident is not a pretext and they hope to surprise against Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino’s representative.

Tena supports continuity of ‘Tata’

Luis Fernando Tena supported the continuation of Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino as coach of the Mexican team and asked that he stay one more cycle at the head of the Tricolor, despite the fact that the Argentine has been criticized in the national media for the irregular performance of his team.

“It has been a process like everything else, with potholes, but the results have backed it up and I think the coach should be kept. There is no reason to change. Not only now, but even for the next World Cup cycle. I don’t understand why in Mexico we always like to change coaches”, he commented ‘Tata’ Martino.

Tena had experience in minor categories of the Mexican team and he even had a step in the senior team, now he is reunited with Mexico as coach of Guatemala.

“It represents a great opportunity for all of us, because facing Mexico is always important. We don’t make excuses for what happened, we have to play. What am I going to feel? I don’t know, because I was on that side for three years, as an assistant in the Major or a coach in the U-23, but a preparation game against Mexicobecause it is not friendly”.

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