Pep Guardiola, in the fridge

The Spanish coach sat on the fridge and put his head in his hands, incredulous at Real Madrid’s ability to react

LONDON — Pep Guardiola lived all the moods in the victory against the real Madrid. of the smile with Carlo Ancelotti in the run-up to the match, to the ecstasy of 2-0, going through the desperation of the missed chances, the anger at a referee error and the desolation of the panenka of Karim Benzema. The figure of him, shrunken, with his hands on his head and sitting on a fridge, is the reflection of his Manchester Cityincredulous at the white resistance.

It was predictable that the good vibes with his counterpart Ancelotti it wouldn’t last long. Some caresses before kick-off, a hug and lots of smiles, which would soon turn serious. semifinals of Champions Y Guardiola he hasn’t won this competition since 2011. There was no time for jokes.

Less when after a minute and a half his team was already winning. Joy, yes, but restrained. The start was perfect, but 90 minutes, in whatever stadium, are very long against Madrid. At 10 minutes, another wince, another goal, another celebration jump. Too simple, it wouldn’t last.

The joy of 2-0 did not cover their frustration when Phil Foden and Riyad Mahrez missed 3-0 and 4-0. He went directly for the Algerian, reproached him for failing a clear pass and playing it alone. The anger could not be explained with the result, but with the coach’s fear of what would come next. The 2-1 did not surprise him. He has already faced many times against the Madrid, has already lost several times without deserving it. He already knows what it’s like to have these people on the brink of surrender and resurgence.

Foden’s 3-1 came and then the play that dislodged him. A throw-in that gave the impression that it should have been for the City. Guardiola came out like crazy for the linesman. The Etihad bellowed. The referee had to come to calm things down with a yellow card for the coach, who walked away saying “come on, man”.

It was just a throw-in, but it changed everything. From there the long pass was created so that Vinicius portray Fernandinho and for the Madrid emerge again. They had to sink it again, with a left-footed shot from Bernardo Silva to the top corner, but Laporte’s hand that caused the penalty for Benzema ended the spirits of Guardiola.

As if he were Marcelo Bielsa, the Spaniard sat in the fridge, but not as the Argentine does, to have another perspective. Not as a sign of identity. He sat up, put his hand to his forehead, wondering how this could be happening. How in a game in which 99% of the teams would have conceded 5-0, the Madrid I was going to make it out alive.

The panenka of Benzema He confirmed the fears he had at the beginning of the game, and with 1-0, 2-0, 3-1 and 4-2. To the Madrid never give him up for dead. Never.

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