Maximum sentence given to murderers of medical students in Puebla

After to more than 2 years of researchthe murderers of three medical students and an Uber driver, the trio of defendants in that case, have been officially sentenced by the judicial authority of the state.

According to reports from the competent authority, Pablo de Jesus N, 46 years old; Ángel N, 23 and Lisset N, 22 years old, were sentenced to 68 years in prison each (50 years for the crime of qualified homicide and 18 years for aggravated vehicle theft) and 746 thousand 713 pesos, as payment of compensation for the damages caused to each victim. This penalty must be covered within the San Miguel Prison, where the perpetrators are currently.

It should be noted that as MILLENNIUM Puebla previously informed you, it was on April 19, when a Control Judge issued a conviction with a disclosure deadline for this April 26 of this year, the date on which the judicial authority revealed the individual sentence of the three defendants for the crimes of vehicle theft and homicide.

In this case, the perpetrators who began an oral trial at the end of last February for the murder of Ximena N, 22, and José Antonio N, 25, both of Colombian origin who studied at the UPAEP as part of an exchange Francisco Xavier N, 22 years old from the state of Veracruz and also a medical student at the BUAP, in addition to Joshua Emmanuel N, 28, Uber driver from the municipality of Cuautlancingo, were the victims of those now sentenced.

On February 23, 2020, after a dispute over a blue hat at the Huejotzingo carnival, the university students and the platform driver were ambushed by the trio of murderers in Xalmimilulco, where they were executed with firearms. He highlighted that the corpse of Ximena, owner of the accessory in question, had more traces of shots than the rest of the victims and the point from which the vehicle where they were traveling was stolen.

On March 12, 2020, the State Attorney General announced that at least 15 people would have been involved in the multi-homicide, however, so far the FGE has only presented the three aforementioned defendants; Likewise, Higuera Bernal had pointed out that those involved were well identified and were a criminal group committed to kidnapping, vehicle theft and merchandise theft.


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