Do you have a Banamex account? Carlos Slim would buy it with Inbursa

the financial group Inbursafrom Charles Slimwill participate in the purchasing process from Banamex accompanied by more investors, but the bank would still have a majority stake that would be Mexican.

Frank Aguado, director of investor relations for the firm, said that they are still interested in the business that he has put up for sale. Citi Groupbut they will be aware of the conditions, the value of the financial institution and the share price.

Carlos Slim, owner of several businesses in Mexico. Photo: Reform

The director said that he would like to mention Inbursa’s position in the joint participation of Mexicans and investors, since they would not go alone, but together, together, in addition, in addition to the fact that Inbursa will remain substantially the majority in Mexico, which it is important to highlight.

It is known that the financial institution would bet on a part of the sale or a percentage of the business, which is still being analyzed. They highlighted that Inbursa would be part of the consortium, again.

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As will be remembered, on January 13, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador commented that he would like Banamex to return to Mexican hands and among the businessmen he mentioned to achieve it, was Carlos Slim.

At that time, the president celebrated that Ricardo Salinas Pliego had expressed his interest in buying it, in addition to being the owner of Banco Azteca. He assured that he could think the same about Carlos Slim, who has Inbursa; by Carlos Hank González, from Banorte, among a few others.

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Finally, Marcos Ramírez, CEO of Grupo Financiero Banorte, said that they have already contacted Citi for a possible purchase of Banamex, but the process is still beginning and will take some time.

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