David Faitelson gets forgiveness from Ricardo Salinas Pliego

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David Fatelson finally made peace with Ricardo Salinas Pliego. The analyst of ESPNwon over his former boss again in Aztec TVafter shared a photo of the sports team who participated years ago in the Ajusco television station.

And it is that the communicator shared this Tuesday a photo on his Twitter accountwhere you can see the TV Azteca sports team from years ago, posing before a soccer gamewhere you even see Victor Trujillo in his character brozoas well as other characters like Jose Ramon Fernandez, Andre Marin, Tono Moreno Y Roberto Gomez Juncoto mention a few.

The proof that I “yes played”… Perhaps we would not have the recognition of Americanism; maybe we would not be the “favorite team” of the 4T and perhaps the communion of our dressing room was not the best of all, but that we played, we played…!“Faitelson wrote in the first instance on his Twitter account, while sharing the postcard.

Subsequently, the ESPN analyst ventured again to use the publication for send a message with Ricardo Salinas Pliegowith whom He had held some discussions on Twitter days beforeafter the owner of TV Azteca accused of falsifying information Faitelson during a interview with the “Golden Scorpion”.

Mr. @RicardoBSalinas, greetings, excuse me, me again. It is difficult to “silence myself” and I am somewhat nostalgic. He left you the postcard of the best team you’ve ever owned.. @martinolimx and @GarciaPosti are missing. Nothing to do with Morelia, Veracruz, Mazatlan. This one won and razed“.

The pardon of Salinas Pliego

After the differences that had manifested Faitelson Y Ricardo Salinas sheet a few days ago, where even the owner of TV Azteca threatened to sue to the communicator, finally came calm and forgiveness, because The businessman replied to David: “Hahaha… OK I forgive you”.

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