Are vintage jeans your obsession? Our guide to finding the right model

Collina Strada presents Coll-inamals

Hill Road has now partnered with Levi’s for a special collection of custom vintage jeans for spring 2022: each pair of 501s and each Trucker Jacket feature a colorful all-over color test and rhinestone pattern. Hillary Taymour explains: “In the studio, I was testing a dye pattern on a pair of Levi’s. I saw how cute they were and thought I should have done it in collaboration with Levi’s.” Thus was born this colorful capsule collection and upcycling that enhances vintage pieces of the jeans brand that is working hard in terms of sustainability. Remember the wedding dress designed by Marta Ferri using only Levi’s garments?

Vintage jeans are not exclusively the prerogative of creatives to reuse them in new projects as in the case of Collina Strada and Marta Ferri.

How to choose and where to find the perfect vintage jeans?

On the vintage sites there are many proposals for jeans and denim garments – from jackets to dungarees, but many of us love to “rummage” on the stalls of vintage markets or weekend local markets to find discarded denim garments. The suggestion is to have fun in the search, considering that there are also real rare pearls on the market, such as Levi’s with the tab – the label on the back – silver, red and orange. If the first indicates jeans produced by the American company in the 80s and 90s respectively for a premium line, the red tab is typical of the very first jeans, it was used around 1936 and is very rare, as is the orange tab, used only from 1979 to 1995. In any case, there are models of vintage jeans that reflect all the hottest trends for spring summer 2022: from printed denim like the one loved by Bella Hadid to wide-leg baggy jeans, to be combined with décolleté like we have seen in numerous successful street style looks, passing through soft and casual jeans combined with sandals and bootcuts capable of slimming the figure. Not to mention the 2YK trend, which obviously also includes the world of denim and the combination of jeans and ballet flats, also worn by Meghan Markle.

Vintage denim is a celeb obsession

Sienna Miller, who in Anatomy of a Scandal gives style lessons, told 7 days, 7 looks of who loves vintage jeans especially for the particular wash that she thinks is difficult to find nowadays. Since she is a mother, then, her denim pants have been her “uniform” and she enjoys showing off sophisticated and complex looks especially on the red carpet.

Kendall Jenner is one of the celebs who most love vintage and has often been spotted wearing vintage Jean Paul Gaultier garments, even in denim:

Among her favorite brands also Danielle Guizio, who signs upcycled garments using vintage Levi’s denim.

Bella Hadid also loves vintage style and denim garments, so much so that she brought the denim skirt in perfect 2Y style into vogue. On the occasion of the latest fashion shows in Milan, the model showed off a pair of vintage Vivienne Westwood that immediately created a trend.

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