Vergara no longer commands, it is leaked who controls Chivas and why he improved

Amaury Vergara would not have control of Chivas
Amaury Vergara would not have control of Chivas

Chivas was once again the protagonist and seeks to close the regular phase with another victory to ensure its place in the reclassification to the Liguilla. Although Ricardo Cadena’s contribution has helped to a great extent, control of the team would fall into other hands.

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According to the report by the journalist Miguel Ángel Arizpe, neither Amaury Vergara, nor much less Ricardo Peláez rule in Chivas, but the players, to the point that if something does not seem to them they have brought out coaches. The same group took four strategists.

Arizpe in his Halftime column commented that several players simply did not perform with Marcelo Michel Leaño, the team was drowning and they did not perform. Now, the same players stand out with Ricardo Cadena.

Do players control Chivas?

Under the premise that it is always easier to fire one (the coach) and not the entire squad, the players have become the true controllers of the clubs. In other stores it looks like the team remembers to play overnight.

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