Gerardo Martino responded to what Marcelo Flores said

At the words of the 18-year-old,

Gerardo Martino
assured that the

Mexican team
It should not offer anything to the soccer players, but on the contrary, the players are what they have to offer things to the national team through their soccer level and wearing the jersey of any country with pride.

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“I don’t think it should be approached that way. We don’t have to offer the footballers anything, it’s the footballers who have to offer the selection and what they have to offer is the football aspect and the aspect of wanting to belong, if they don’t want to belong or open the range of possibilities to two or three options, it doesn’t make sense, we are not here to offer things to footballers, they are the footballers who have to offer things to a country by putting on the shirt and representing it with conviction”, commented the “Dad” at a press conference.

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Martino did not travel with the National Team

The Mexican coach was unable to travel to Orlando, Florida for his match against the “Chapines” this due to his recovery of the eye and giving priority to the matches that will be held in the middle of the year, where he will be able to count on practically the entire team in one of the last concentrations and friendly matches heading to the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“I never talk about those times anymore, if I had talked about those times I would not be here. I am practically discharged, as I said before, I lead a normal life, I participated in the training sessions, we still very accurately reached this stage of Orlando and it is much more prudent to wait for the summer when we have a large number of games, many more trips and now avoid any setback and from then on nothing is the same, what happened in March where I did not travel to Honduras but I was able to direct the two games played in the Aztec”.

More minutes for young people

On the possibility that the youngsters who can add minutes in the duel against Guatemala have the opportunity to be part of the final list in the Qatar World Cup 2022, the Argentine strategist clarified that nobody has closed doors; however, being in a good moment requires more than good performances at their respective clubs.

Gerardo Martino coach Mexican National Team Qatar World Cup

“There are a lot of games and obviously there is a list of soccer players that is going to be much deeper than the 20 that we need in this call, that is also true that these boys are going to have the possibility, some are added, they were with Chile , with Ecuador, they are back now, there are many opportunities, some had it in January or March, the qualifiers, and not only do they have options for the Nations League, they also have options for friendly matches and it is clear that some of them have options to be in the final list for the World Cup in Qatar, having said that there is the possibility for footballers who have a good moment or who continue to have a good moment and I want to clarify the good moment for me is not four games, not five games, not two goals, not three goals, but something at the moment is justified when one speaks of an entire season”, concluded the national coach.

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So everything is ready for this Wednesday’s duel between the Mexican team and Guatemala, a game that you can enjoy on the screen of Aztec Sports starting at 7:15 p.m.

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